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  1. I just started my 5th and last month of accutane and was wondering if i could just save them for when the weather was colder and i wasn't getting so much sun.
  2. you should definately go on it. I was in the same position as you were 2 years ago and didnt go on it. now 2 years later, after my last 2 years in high school were horrible because of my acne, I'm on my 2nd month and my face is clear for first time in 5 years. and only side effect i have is dry lips.
  3. I haven't gone to derm before or gotten any antibiotics but I've tried every over the counter treatment and they haven't worked. So if I go to derm will they not give me accutane based on that?
  4. So how much does it cost to go to derm and get accutane subscription? I found out I can just go to canada and they sell a lot cheaper there.
  5. If I get blue cross blue shield with 500 deductable how much will it cost in all?
  6. I'm a poor college student and I'm in desperate need of accutane the first half of my first year in college has been pretty much ruined because of cystic acne outbreaks about once a month. Iv'e tried everything and I don't have insurance or that much money. So can someone tell me the cheapest way to get accutane?