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  1. Eff Walgreens! They gave me a bunch of crap . started Accutane just about the same time you do too. I run no where near as long as you do. I do 10 mile so a week and work out. So far no side effects with achy joints. I do drinks lots of water though, im sure you already know that. Good luck!
  2. Hang in there, I'm the most impatient guy in the world, and reading these blogs help keep things in perspective. Just started Day 7 of the tane, hope everything works out for you! :cool:
  3. Thanks for the tips. I havent drank since starting which is pretty good for me. Afraid of what the side effects may be. Generally think my derm would be pissed about it so havent really brought it up. I was riding with my windows down yesterday and got burnt and its winter in ohio. Im generally starting to think Accutane just gets a horrible rap. What drug doesnt say its not a good idea to drink Screw that noise!
  4. Just started Accutane (Amnesteem 40mg) have spring break and planning a summer vacation planned, both to locations with sun and beaches. I know you are not supposed to drink while on the drug, im not planning on going overboard but wanted to get some feedback and some peoples experiences? Also, any advice so I dont burn alive in the sun? Thanks guys!
  5. Blood work before I could start Accutane showed I have high levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides, an unfortunate genetic gift that I received from my parents. All in all I guess it was a good thing to get my blood tested, but now after being placed on medication for Cholesterol and Triglycerides, my levels are normal and today is my first day on Accutane (Amnesteem) I will be taking the cholesterol and triglycerides pills along with 40mg of Amnesteem. Anyone else doing this?