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  1. In a previous thread of yours you seemed thrilled with the results from your affirm treatments, what changed? Your skin isn't perfect but it seems good you said the scarring is much more shallow than it was. Also I have the opposite experience with my scars with lighting. Indoor lighting looks bad...but natural lighting my skin seems amazing. I hate it!
  2. I've tried fraxel, tca peels, dermarolling, and retin-a (for the very shallow ones), none of them really did anything. I actually think fraxel and the tca peels made my skin worse with more scarring and deeper ones and even gave it me a bit of hypopigmentation Now I just feel like giving up and never leaving my house. It looks so bad.
  3. Ok, I went through with the Fraxel and it looks like I've fully healed and not peeling, 1week post. Since, as I said in my original posts my acne scarring was pretty shallow I saw some improvement but no miracles. My right cheek looks better, less uneven but still uneven and my left cheek had little scarring (it's my better cheek) so it's fairly smooth now. I had a few fine lines on my forehead which only saw modest improvement. This was at a moderate setting but I can't remember exactly what t
  4. Thanks I really appreciate the response. The dermatology office I go to is really good and my dermatologist specifically is like the most empathetic and caring person I've ever met, but an outside technician is going to bring in the equipment and preform it so I dont know about that. I was shown pictures of people who went through fraxel and it looked good but I'm not sure if it was actual past clients or from somewhere else, I forgot to ask. My numbing cream arrived already
  5. Oh thanks. I'm starting to think the negative results are due to the laser operator Pretty sure I'm going to do it now
  6. I have some acne scarring, not severe, but it bothers me. My scarring is somewhat mild or maybe moderate though it seems to me like superficial scarring (like on the topmost layers of the skin). I also have like 2 fine lines on my forehead and I'm only 20 but the rest of my face is pretty good, youthful looking definitely. I'm scheduled for fraxel but after reading the usual horror stories on the internet like any other treatment, I'm now scared that it will make my face worse. I don't know if
  7. You are delusional if you love acne. Sure you can accept it and get past the whole "I can't go to X because I have acne" and everything else acne stops people from doing, but it doesn't mean you love it. If you need acne as an excuse to make you do things for the better, you were weak-willed to begin with.
  8. I use glycolic chemical peels and it works well (I've done 6 applications so far, once a week) but as with every acne treatment it may not work for you
  9. Scarring is sort of hard to tell until the acne is gone but it looks there you have a few towards your neck area.
  10. Nope. The directions on my peel says to wash off thoroughly after the alotted time
  11. sounds harsh if you would do that for just treating acne
  12. wynn that's not the case this time I think something has gone horribly wrong with the new batch of BP
  13. glycolic acid peels aren't scary but you do need to know what you're doing. First I cleanse then I use the 35% concentration one and apply it with a cotton ball everywhere on my face except for the eye area then I leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse it off THOROUGHLY and use a neutralizer and moisturizer afterward. I've done 6 peels, one each week, and I think it has helped a good amount
  14. I get it too but then again I put a lot on, my face is normal in terms of dryness/oiliness. I'll turn to lessen the amount I use today and see what happens but I've been on BP for awhile so it's not the adjustment perioid
  15. that happened to me before but I'm still not sure why... You should wash your face and the bp off and wait until tomorrow to put it back on, just put some moisturizer if you need it. Don't leave it because it will just irritate your face as indicated by the redness you're most likely experiencing. Did you even read his post? He said he's used BP before and it hasn't stung, this isn't a reason to stop BP usage altogether. edit: I guess it's because of too much consistent usage of a lot of B