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  1. I've been suffering from acne for 2 years now, and this month, its been worst!I dont understand why i have acne, i keep my hair out of my face ! I have acne and scars all over my face like this: , this picture is the side of my face
  2. Dove Essential Nutrients Day Lotion SPF 15 or Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer - SPF 15 i need a new moisturizer.. which one is better? list ur reasons why thankyou!
  3. Hi everybody! During summer till now, Ive been breaking out so much, especially on my forehead. However, i do get ocassionally 1 or 2 BIG ASS PIMPLE on my cheeks eventually.. they do go away BUT ALL THE ACNE'S GIVING ME darkspots :'( that it seems like it wont go away!!! My whole face, including Tzone is so DRY AND STRIPPED but then it gets so oily afterrwards. .. Anyways I just want to know if there are any good drugstore acne medication good for me? im currently using ACNOMEL but it doesnt
  4. how do you make sea salt mask? just get the salts and mix it with water ? :S it doesnt make into a paste for me.. do i just apply it like a toner?
  5. =) okay , hey is it true benyzol preoxide lighten skin?
  6. Lately, ive been trying to look for new cleansers, lotion, masks, toner, and acne treatment ( for ex. BP) <<preferrbly i can get them in drugstore brands, like clean and clear, neutrogena, neostrata, etcc!>> CLEANSERS - i have really OILY FOREHEAD / Tzone/ chin but yet they are still flaky, and my cheeeks are very sensitive and dry. Are there any good cleansers out there that can help? LOTION -with spf - assorbs acess oil!!! - oilfreee - helps with acne?? Any good lotions? M
  7. Okay what should i do ion the morning? I clean with spectro gel , then i have to apply with Apple cider vinegar, Olive oil, and susnscreen What step should i do that in ? ^ should i try after cleaning, use acv and the mix oliveoil into my netrogena dry sheer spf 30 sunscreen? help please! hehe keeping it simple btw what should i do at night with the stuff i have on top?
  8. Okay well,, all these years i have been gaining a lot of scars from my forehead from acne. I want to know and good home remedies or products that i can use to get rid of them effectively? =) thanks < - MY FOREHEAD :'(