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  1. i just saw this at a local drugstore as well...is it safe to use with the regimen?? will it do any good?
  2. I was just about to post the exact same question. I've been following the regimen for a couple months using the purpose cleansing bar and the neutrogina moisturizer. My central forhead does the same thing when squeezed but no "brown heads". I asked my dermotologist awhile back how to get rid of those little dark spots and he said i had to use a clay mask every week or so and i did that for about 2 months with no change.
  3. just follow the shaving instructions in the regimen and you should be fine....i was already using the sensor excel razors recommended and they are the best i've found. Just use those and only shave with the grain.
  4. like kooky said, i think it may be the chapstick too...they come up without it but chapstick seems to make it worse. I had one that was a very small bump that i thought was a cold sore so i put abreva on it and in the morning it was the biggest whitehead i've ever had, i was surprised it didn't pop in my sleep.
  5. i don't think so...theres small amounts of hair just above so its possible theres a couple around there...its mostly just this one upper corner that keeps gettin em but one popped up on the other side now
  6. I've been getting acne on the upper part of my upper lip just below the pink/white skin border. I have been trying to just apply the BP cream to it but its hard to keep it there for long. I thought they were cold sores at first but they are definitely whiteheads and this has be recurring for several months. Does anyone have any experience or tips for getting rid of these things?