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  1. you done with your course? im about two weeks post tane and i am using dan's aha like once or twice a week and also the tretinoin cream from my derm daily (excl. the nights when im using aha). ive gotta say the red marks have vanished quite abit.
  2. im 1 week off tane but im getting like small rough patches which are slightly red. any idea what are those? ive been using 0.025% tretinoin cream as maintenance. tia!
  3. hi guys just got my AHA and jojoba oil in the mail today. and coincidentally its the last day of my accutane course too. some i have before i start to use AHA. 1. should i start using it tonight ? 2. how much of AHA do i use? 3. how long do i leave the AHA on? sorry if they're really newbie questions, first time using AHA. appreciate all comments. thanks guys!
  4. since breakout's not a prob for me now. i guess ill get AHA. thanks so much!
  5. my IB lasted around 2 months or so if i rem correctly. my skin doesnt really feel dry too but no harm moisturising i guess. and never never pick at the big ones. i did and they left behind nasty scars
  6. haha ill do once a week then. i read bout this beta product of dan's its the SA+. what's the difference between AHA and SA ?
  7. Hi thanks alot for your prompt reply. i'm not using dan's regimen. just using cetaphil as my daily facial wash. my doc gave me this 0.025 stieva-a cream for maintenance. good to hear i'm able to use it after tane cause i've heard otherwise from some other people. say if i use it like twice a week is it a slow enough start? just wondering is aha good for scars? once again thanks!
  8. hey guys. i'll be finishing my tane course next week. thinking of getting dan's AHA, is it safe to use it? and also there's a note saying not to use it at the start of the regimen. any advices? will be using it for scars/red marks left behind by tane
  9. i'm also living in singapore and this is the first time i've heard of this. so any kind souls able to advise where can i get this. i'm currently on accutane, is it advisable to be using this turmeric treatment while on tane? thanks.