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  1. Everyone notices I'm much more confident then I was a few years ago but I still struggle to hold eye contact for more then 3-4 seconds at a time because old habits die hard. The one thing I noticed when I first got clear was that I started to obsess over different flaws that didn't bother me before. Learning to love yourself the way you are runs much deeper then just getting rid of acne.
  2. I was clear about a month into my course but I took it all 5 months. Better to be safe then sorry and finish your course.
  3. Yeah it messed with my stomach towards the end but I'm back to normal after being off of it for less then a month. I don't think it's anything to worry about too much unless your symptoms get really bad.
  4. I had severe acne throughout high school on my face and my body. After high school I outgrew my acne on my face but still had frequent breakouts on my body and neck. Started taking 6 weeks of tetracycline which cleared me up, switched to accutane and haven't had a breakout in probably 6 months. Just finished my course on halloween. Side effects really dry skin super chapped lips sore joints dry eyes, nose Overall I'm very happy with the results it had on my acne. I wish I would have fini
  5. I had to deal with it my whole course. Just finished on Saturday so I'm hoping as time goes by, the effects will go away. Everyone has been asking me the last 5 months if I was okay I guess because it looked like I was crying all the time lol.
  6. I didn't get to really find out because I had to take tetracycline for 6 weeks which cleared me up 90% of the way. I had an average IB though when I first started for about 2 weeks and stayed clear the rest of the way. 60mg a day the first month, 80mg a day the last 4.
  7. I don't think acne has anything to do with it. Men tend to bottle up their emotions which leads to lots of irrational decisions. Most women are ok with opening up and telling their friends or family about their problems. I don't understand how alot of people consider someone who has commited suicide a coward. The thought of doing that scares the hell out of me. Whether you believe in god or not, both scenarios are scary to me. If you don't believe in god, how do you know whatever comes ne
  8. The problem with this post is the majority of the people on here would trade you situations in a heartbeat. My guess is the guy you went after that used you was pretty good looking and you weren't initially drawn to him by his personality alone. I'm willing to bet even most people on here defending the post go after people they're attracted to physically first over personality. It's human nature. Personality is generally what results in long term relationships but alot of people get overlo
  9. I wouldn't chance it either. There might not be any direct evidence but I'd rather be safe then sorry. Postponing getting someone pregnant for about 8 months to a year to avoid taking the risk of having a child with severe birth defects makes sense to me anyways. I'm not anti-accutane either, that's just my personal opinion.
  10. I can't remember the exact numbers but it's something like around 50% get rid of just about all acne for the rest of their life and 80-90% I think have it come back alot less severe then before. That's what my derm told me anyways.
  11. My joints hurt a little worse as time passed but the biggest thing I've noticed is fatigue. You probably won't be able to do as many reps in your workout and your body will need more time to recover. That's been the case for me so far anyways after 4 months.
  12. Well at 20mg a day, the dryness probably won't kick in for a while especially if you have a pretty oily face to begin with. I would recommend to continue washing your face for that reason as it might take a few months before it even starts to make a difference. If not you might have to deal with some wicked breakouts. I wouldn't even worry about the moisturizer unless your face feels dry. I've been on 80mg a day for over 4 months and I only apply moisturizer about twice a week or whenever it
  13. I had the same thing happen to me when I went to get a physical a while back in high school so I could be on the track team. The visit was for the physical alone but I ended up leaving with a prescription for acne as well. It kind of hurt to hear her bring it up but I know she was just trying to help.
  14. Just keep your face moisturized and all you'll hear from people is compliments about how your skin is looking good when the drug starts to kick in. Nikkia pointed out the one thing they might notice. I put chapstick on more then any normal person should lol. 10 days left to go for my 5 month course and nobody has said anything to me. I've told people that I was taking it and they were like "Why? Your skin looks really clear, oh wait is that why?"
  15. ^this. Alot of women like rugged looking men. Most guys hold girls to a higher standard from what I've seen. Anyone who think's girls have it easier doesn't know what they're talking about. Guys have things alot tougher in certain areas of life but acne is definitely not one of them. Women with acne seem much more genuine though and that's more beautiful then a supermodel with no soul any day of the week lol.