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  1. Hiii Guys! It's been a loooong time!! Well, I finished my course 1 month ago!! I'm ok, no actives, just some black heads... the oil hasn't returned, in fact, I'm quite dry...... and my skin is super sensitive now... my lips are getting back to normal... Well, I didn't post anymore because I was sooo depressed... Yes, Accutane made me depressed.... I didn't believe it was the medication, but my dermatologist said it was Accutane... She prescribed me anti-depressants, and suspended the medicati
  2. DAY 115 Hi guys! It's benn a while, uh? Well, everything is been going pretty smoothly, thank God! I:m still on 40 mg a day, and my lips are great, I use Aquaphor on them all the time. My skin is a little drier and flaky, but not too much as I apply a good moisturizer on. I've been feeling quite tired, but I know it is part of it. In this last month I've only gotten one cyst, but it was like the mother of all cysts!! God! it was on my left cheek and I never had such a big thing on my face eve
  3. DAY 87 Hi guys!!! I've just returned from my vacations in USA. I had a great time over there, thanks Rede4bed! I went to Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Baltimore, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia... Such a cool road trip!! The only bad thing while been in the South was the heat and the sun, as I am on this medication, and my skin is more sensitive... for the first time in my treatment I got rashes in my arms due to sun exposure, but they are healing now. I broke out a little bit during m
  4. DAY 66 Hi guys!! Yes. already day 66. So far so good. I feel pretty good, not extreme dryness, nothing really extreme... I am actually very excited because I'm going to USA on vacations for the next 2 weeks!! I'm going in 2 days, on Saturday! I'm going to New Jersey and New York, and also to Philadephia. I hope it isn't that hot over there! because over here is like an oven ;P Wellllllll, thanks for stopping by, let's see how it goes. God bless you all!
  5. DAY 60! HOORAY!! Two months down!!!! I've been feeling pretty good. Well, some brakouts here and there, but nothing major... the dryness, quite bearable, my lips not TOO dry. I keep applying my lip balm and drinking lots of water... It SERIOUSLY hepls guys, its amazing haw water helps you so mucho in this process. Make water your best friend! I've been drinking like 3 lts a day, somedays a little less, but I try to drink that amount every day, and it's like I'm not taking any medication.... I L
  6. Steph, my condolences at this very sad times.....................
  7. DAY 49 Hi Chaitz85! Thanks for coming to my log! It's so cool we are together in this! Well, I have been doing great, no major side effects, just some dry lips, but not that bad.. I've been more tired than usual, yeah... I am pretty clear right now, I still have this bumps under my skin, but nothing very noticeable...My skin is not that oily and my hair is quite dry...I have been drinking lots and lots of water, and I highly recommend it, because I think it is really been helping me with the dr
  8. DAY 40 Soooo happy! It's day 40!! Time really flies! I'm fine, no actives on my face rifgt now, no extreme dryness (peely lips, yeah, but I apply constantly lots of chapstick, vaseline, everything I can!). I haven't experience any joint pains either. I still have comedones, and occasionally get some whiteheads that disappear quite fast. I am definitely more thirsty than usual, I drink lots of water, and I think that have been helping me controlling my side effects. Well, I hope things keep im
  9. Well, I honestly think your dose is way too high, considering the severity of your acne and your weight. I don´t think you need such a high dose to get clear and remain clear.. Talk to your derma, and explain to him your concerns... It´s your body, after all... Like my derma says, doctors who prescribe such high doses are criminals.... and I firmly beliave that too... Good luck and take care!
  10. Emeny, your skin is looking fabulous! Congrats, and God Bless U!!
  11. Hi Steph, I´m glad you´re doing well on your treatment. I would like to ask you about your hair, is it too dry? Mine has gotten quite dry (I´m 1 month on tane), but honestly I´m not complaining yet, ´cause my hair is normally very greasy!
  12. DAY 29 Hiiiii! it´s day 29 already! Well, it has been going rather smoothly. I´ve been breaking out, yeah.., mostly in my chin (I dont usually break out there..), maybe my IB?? Last week I got a huge cyst on my forehead, but it´s gone now. Last saturday I experienced my first nosebleed, after I blew my nose. It was a big thing for me, because it hasn´t happened to me before, ever. I´ve been applying some vaseline inside my nose, but I know it isn´t a very healthy thing for my lungs, so IÂ
  13. DAY 16 Hiiiii! Well, day 16 already. My lips feel better today, the corners have been healig, thanks God!! My skin has stayed pretty decent, but is rather oilier and I got a huge cyst on the right side of my nose it's painful and like a mutant! But I hope it goes away soon, I haven't picked it... I also hope my lips keep healing.. I've been using two creams for them from La Roche-Posay Labs: Ceralip and Cicaplat, and they seem to be working veeery good.. So, let's see how it keep going!
  14. well, I'm on my day 14 of 20 mg a day, and my lips are dry, but not that much (because I apply lip balm like every 2 seconds!). But since last week, the corners of my mouth are cracked, and they hurt. They seem like infected, and look awful I bought 2 lip products form La Roche-Posay: one of them is a lip protector, Ceralip, and it is really good at smoothing my peely lips. The other product I just bought today is Cicaplast. I just apllied it a few hours ago and I can feel that the healing pro
  15. I´m on my 14 day of 20 mg. I think my derm prescribed me this dose because it is the normal dose prescribed here in my country (Dominican Republic), and also because my acne is mild, and my weight is 112 lbs. My derm said that she will keep me at that dose for 6 months. I haven´t had any major breakout yet (Thank God!), only the normal cyst that usually comes around by my period time. My skin is not too dry (it´s been waaaaay drier on BP, then it was soooooooo dry). The worst thing it´s been