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Sword of Sorrow

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    Learned no one really cares about another, not even your peers in chains.

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  1. Sword of Sorrow

    TLC wants to do a show on Acne.......

    I hope they get someone on there that has been severely scarred by this disease, both physically and mentally. Someone other than I. As I know I wouldn't have the guts to do it.
  2. Sword of Sorrow

    time flies.

    R0ckst4r, try to get out and see the world. It doesn't always have to involve placing yourself in the thick of people if you know what I mean. Would a face full of acne keep me from seeing a beautiful California beach sunset?, hell no! SOS
  3. Sword of Sorrow

    Mind over Acne

    One of things I hate about forums is a generalization is perceived as fact. To anyone that makes a statement that: Having acne makes no difference in how others treat you. And confidence will always make rows of happy little flowers sing love songs for you... That is folly. People judge. And judgment is a selective process. Perhaps you found favor in people by your personality, or by your natural looks aside from the acne. This isn't to say everyone will get the same level of postive res
  4. Ok, so you feel ugly. Granted, you will find people out there that agree with you, 100 percent. You have but two choices, feeding THOSE people your scraps of what little self esteem you have left. They will devour it with a smile. Or you can feed THOSE that still see the good in you. And they are out there ( I used to assume no one could see good in me also ). In the meantime, regardless, the world continues on. Your happiness, or pain, won't have any bearing on that. SOS
  5. What you have become is a question whose answer lies waiting further down the road. What doesn't kill you will make you a stronger person. That will be the cure for you being a pushover.

    You will be ok through this. And friends you will find here I'm sure.

    1. Sword of Sorrow

      Eyes - The window to the soul

      I generally avoid it. Except where it is really important to do so. I act so well. The weakest spot is with women, I love to look at theirs, but a stare back gets a turning of the head, i.e. insecure. SOS
    2. Sword of Sorrow

      In need of advice and encouragement

      If you have someone that truly loves you for all of your flaws, hold on to them with every bit of love that you necessarily can't feel for yourself. Gven the situation, it's is a rare gift. Being separated from that, once it's gone, sets in a heartache, a void, that you have never seen the likes of. SOS
    3. Reading this, I feel your pain, having lived it myself. It is easy to lead yourself to the conclusion that running into those people that have no idea what it is like, for lack of direct involvement, can lead you the suffer the risk of getting a hurtful comment from them. Part of the difficulty is knowing the precise reason why people say what they do, whether this is just human tendency towards something they don't understand, or purely an individual's choice to take pleasure in your torment.
    4. Sadly I am, acne ruined me!

      1. Sword of Sorrow

        Women with acne are beautiful

        Gee, according to this reasoning, the only reason why I never had a real girlfriend until age 35 was because all the women with acne never knew I existed ( or vice versa ). ROFLMAO. You are killing me dude. Seriously. SOS
      2. Sword of Sorrow

        Acne and hippos.

        Hippo analogy is a good one I say. They are quite harmful to humans in their natural habitat. SOS
      3. Sword of Sorrow


        Emotional hurt leaves an impression that removing the catalyst doesn't always help. Ask yourself, don't you ever get tired of being the "old" you? SOS
      4. aww thanks for the sweet comment!:)

        1. Skye, you actually are a beautiful young woman. Truly.

          Might have to give consideration to hacking into your account and dropping the 'ugly' off your SN.


          1. Sword of Sorrow


            I do not believe age has any bearing on caring less about appearances, until possibly say 50 or more. People in their 40s tend to still want to hold on to the youthful notions of beauty. You will find women in that age range that come to appreciate a guy's mind more. Do everything you can to make that seem attractive to them. But it may make you have to settle for friendships. One problem is, many women by that age have been so put through the wringer in previous relationships, it is d