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  1. I honestly think that your skin looks great. Go enjoy your life. I'm sure a lot of us here can tell you how much we regret some of the times we missed out on great life experiences, due to acne and/or acne scarring. I'm currently trying to take my own advice, so you're not alone, believe me. Cheers.
  2. Yeah, I feel the same way in my social circle. I'm the only one with acne scars on the cheeks. I feel the obsession with my skin is ruining my relationship with my current girlfriend. So hey, whether you're single or not, these feelings we have of ourselves, does negatively overwhelm your outlook on life. I feel your pain.
  3. Thank you for answering, you really do inspire me and even though it seems like i will never get there (literally) i know i can do it and reading what you wrote gives me even more hope... i bought the vitamin e with progesterone (protest-e) i have been using it for about 3 months, did you apply it on everyday? and did you get any clogged pores from it ever? i put it on every night about 30 drops (about a huge line on my index finger) and then rub it on for like 15 min (it takes forever to a
  4. Yeah my hyper pigmentation takes long sometimes to fade away, but that stuff will go away on it's own. Just diet, exercise, maybe even gently exfoliate if your skin can handle it. Dude, your skin looks wonderful, don't do anything drastic to it. Cheers. Happy new years!
  5. Man if I had your skin I would have done more with my time. It looks good man seriously, just keep a healthy diet and maybe microneedle with something very short. Cheers and happy new years!
  6. http://forums.owndoc.com/dermarolling-microneedling/6-month-update/ More testimony that dermastamping/rolling and microneedling with suction works.
  7. Nice results but I think Subcision would have been better for you. DC-Girl got great results from Single Needling, Derma Stamping, TCA Peel - isolated application & silicone injections (although I would never do the last one because of the possible risks.)
  8. Looks like hyperpigmentation to me. I have had way worse and it's completely gone now. Sometimes it takes a long time but don't go slathering shitty products all over your face in-order to speed up the healing process. Just gently exfoliate maybe like once per week, eat a healthy diet, exercise often, moisturise skin etc. and you should start seeing improvements. Do some more research because there's more you can do than what I said to help your skin, but make sure you do some more research righ
  9. I am currently going through a similar process to yours, except I have factored in an anti-inflammatory diet for the best results possible. My scars are shallow and only about 7 - 8 on each cheek. I haven't started yet, but I am going to very soon. I just hate that it takes so long to see results
  10. Awesome results! I know this thread is a few years old almost but I think this is still the best results I have ever seen. Was your left cheek scarred the same as your right? Thanks for helping us, truly appreciated. PS: The Ray Peat diet seems to be going well but I find it's hard to take in a lot of calories per day, seeing as how it is so restricted.
  11. So, once you reach the 6 month - 1 year period, you have plenty of options to help heal your skin quite well. I don't know about 100% but I have seen stories on here that seem like they might be around 95%. Your scars aren't too bad. I'll link you to this thread, it's actually quite interesting. So much so that I am on the diet that the woman suggests in it and am doing almost everything exactly how she did it. If you feel that it's for you, you can start preparing your skin for treatment and le
  12. @LeadingForce Why would I consider it? Because I am wondering if anyone has used it and knew about one time usage. I mean, I wasn't going to test it out on my face as I explained and that's not "out of desperation". It's cheap so I was assuming someone here has tried it by now. No need to get all rude on me; this is not the first time. If you don't have anything useful and positive to contribute, please refrain from posting anything at all. I do not project my stress onto others and neither shou
  13. So as the title says, I want to start needling, but the only problem is the needles that are currently the only safe way I see doing the self-procedure, are apparently "bad" now. OwnDoc still has these single needles in stock but claims that this is a bad batch and will be the last batch made, however they point you in the direction of a 200+ dollar unit and cartridges that takes it's place. I rather purchase the single needles on their own so I am here to ask if there are any other sources.