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  1. I am interested in their concealer, but it is a bit $$$! Anyone tried it & if so, how was it for your acne condition? Thanx!
  2. Looking for information from people who have used Lavera -- especially their moisturizers, as I am getting flaky. Anyone?
  3. congratulations that you received products from this outfit! i have been trying for a month to reorder the regulating spray without any success. the products are good and do work...you will really like them. what website/ph # etc did you use to place your order?
  4. yep - this is pretty good stuff...and i really like the samples that are available for purchase to get the right color. saves $$ on guessing! also, a great range of colors are available! the price is good too. i'm happy with it. i also noticed their shipping is FAST !!!
  5. chicklet - almost 18 yrs ago, i was exactly where you are now. i was so scared that i did NOT do accutane...kept up w/other treatments etc. didn't have cystic acne. but, as the years went on my acne gradually developed into cystic, it got worse and worse. i went to many derms, each would eventually suggest accutane. NO!!! but i gave in (my life sucked by this time) and i tried accutane. it worked, some mild non-cystic acne came back, so a year later i went on a milder dosage. i have been
  6. post-accutane, your skin will definitely improve in terms of fragility, redness etc., but it can take some time. the half-life of this drug is quite long, so hang in there for a few more months. my improvement in o/all skin condition was gradual, but eventually the skin resumed a more normal appearance.
  7. i think i have that product...or a similar one. it is called the "spirit of beauty" and comes in a 2"x6" silver flip case with an attached (small) hand wand inside. i use it to reduce/eliminate zits. it is especially good at reducing the size of cysts and it also quickens the overall healing cycle. i can definitely see a difference the next morning. again, it is one of those many products that introduces a tiny electrical current into the area (no, it does not hurt, you can hardly feel it).
  8. wow, your skin sounds like mine! try foregoing the BP for a few days and see if the eye thing stops /improves. I ended up developing a pretty bad allergy to BP (i did not stop using it, and the symptoms just got worse). good luck!
  9. if you can get your hands on it...try ERA aerosol foundation, it is fabulous, and absolutely meets criteria on the various comedogencity/irritation lists (like zerozits.com). ERA is relatively new to consumers, though it has been used in film & tv for longer. This aerosol technique provides that "airbrushed" look that we are seeing on models & actresses lately (think Jennifer Lopez). it gives such a natural, airbrushed finish that cannot be duplicated with foundations (and i have trie
  10. hi! blotting papers are a must. look into ketsugo or acne miracle spray. these products were the only things that got my oil slick under control. best wishes!
  11. hi! i had moderate persistent cystic acne for 20+ years when i finally relinquished my battle and went on accutane. Took 2 courses over 2 years or so. the acne has not come back at that level at all. it's been almost 10 years since then. today, i get an occasional pimple and some blackheads. no real cysts. i wish i had gone on accutane much much sooner -- to prevent psychological trauma and scarring! i know it is expensive and a pain in the backside while you are on it, but it really is
  12. hi! i have had appx. 12 microdermabrasion treatments over the last few years, with good results for minimizing old scars (particularly in my chin area). it does work well for evening out the skin pigmentation as well. however, choose your aesthetician with care! many people take a quickie course in microdermabrasion and do not really appreciate the subtlety of dealing with acne skin that has already been exposed to exfoliating products. so ask around. find someone that has used these tech
  13. since you live in Arizona, you need a full coverage product. about a year ago (after getting sun cancer AGAIN) i researched sunscreen ingredients for effectivenss. all ingredients are not effective in the same way or for the same length of time. for example, some are super effective at blocking UV radiation for the first 30 minutes after application, then pretty much ineffective. according to australian derms use a product that contains both micronized titanium and zinc oxides (neither are co