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  1. Ha! Funnily enough, my Dad runs an electrical company in Sheffield and part of their business is installing and fitting screens like that. I showed him the footage yesterday and he was very impressed with how well fixed the screens were! :)

  2. thought as you watched the news you may appreciate this joke - say what you want about ladbrokes, but they know how to fit their tv brackets well lol.

  3. I was looking through your thread, "New Chat Place", the only chat I know if is TinyChat.

  4. My voice? 0_0

    I'm too scurred to participate, so I'll just stick with posting in the countdown thread.

  5. I don't remember =_=

  6. i washed my face last night. it felt like i needed to. can you explain your reasoning for just using water? i think cleansers do clean oil and clogged shit out of your pores. i don't think mine is the best but apparently it's ok. if you feel better using a cleanser, definately use a cleanser, all of us are different, and just using water works best for me at this particualar time (sorry it didnt work out for you) - good luck, but make sure the cleanser isnt too harsh for you. If i would s
  7. sorry to hear, try to keep at it for a least a week and see how it goes though.
  8. How do you know? Not saying your wrong, but even my esthetician and dermatologist believe this. i gotta agree with bryan there, it doesnt trick your skin from producing oil, but if your looking for something to help hydrate your skin (to the original poster), adding a little jojoba oil to a moisturiser may help a bit, i guess your gonna have to try to see how much you'll need though, also what David said, coconut oil is meant to be very good also. Side not - Evelynne, the day you joine
  9. do not feel like a jerk, of course they should respond to you, and as you have been charged for it already and it hasnt arrived due to whatever certain circumstances, they should apologise, and give you a refund, or be very apologetic and say that its still on its way, them being angry is an utter disgrace, and i would strongly agree with cest and report them.
  10. try without a cleanser, and just using water for a few days and see how that goes.
  11. also when i look at skincare products, always find this site really helpful knowing the bad ingredients and the good. Hope this helps. http://www.cosmeticscop.com/cosmetic-ingre...ctionary/A.aspx
  12. if your going to use either of those cleansers, definately the second one, much nicer kinder ingredients in it. Also agree with ash, maybe you should try just the water method, sometimes i feel people use way too much skincare products which some maybe doing more bad than good. Just my opinion of course.
  13. Just wanted to say hello and thanks again! :)

  14. ive just found a really nice derm, who actually when i talk to her, she actually listens to what i say and has time for talk, plus had time to actually diagnose whats wrong, rather than saying it could be this, or is could be that etc. So, i guess to all those others who are having problems with their derm, like me, you will probably eventually find a good one. It took me through 4 others until this one, where they all before didnt seem to be too bothered and wanted you to be out as quick as pos