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  1. WEEK 27! Well hello acne.org message board readers/browsers! So after a few months on 100mg of Spiro 2x/day (and still taking) I am NO LONGER BREAKING OUT! In fact, I have been acne free for almost 4 months! I still have a TON of hyperpigmentation but no breakouts whatsoever!! Spiro changed my life and I couldn't be happier about the way my skin looks/feels. I'm going to start doing glycolic acid 35% peels 1x/week to see if it speeds up the fading of the dark marks. Its even more awesome
  2. WEEK 10 WOW. I can't believe its Week 10 already! Let's see, a quick recap of the last week is in order: My face has been showing a LOT of improvement. There haven't been any pimples around my jawline or chin area, although I've had a couple buggers on my cheeks. But even still, even though I had a big one on my cheek, its better than have 1000000000000 on my face. My forehead is really clear as well, and the hyperpigmentation is fading quite nicely. I haven't been using Finacea as much bec
  3. WEEK 8 I decided to go by weeks now instead of days because, quite frankly, its getting hard to keep count. I went to my derm today because she's leaving for NY soon and I wanted to drop by, get some cortizone shots and ask for some advice. I also wish I could administer them by myself at home! Anyway, both my derm and the receptionist said that my face is looking a lot better! Its always nice to hear it from somebody else even if you believe so yourself. I asked her if there was a differ
  4. Hi luvslucy! Thanks for dropping by and for the encouragement. I'm also taking 100mg twice a day and am already seeing improvement within the first 3 weeks although it is too soon to tell. My derm has recommended accutane, but I think I'm going to stick it out with the Spiro. How long would you say it took for you to clear up entirely on Spiro? Sometimes I get discouraged, but I have been taking it regularly because I want to be clear! How do you like Mircette by the way? I was thinking a
  5. Hi taintedface! Thanks for advice - sorry for the late reply, things are quite busy at work. Tomorrow is two months on Spiro but only 3 weeks on the 200mg/day dosage. I actually am seeing a LOT of improvement! Almost all the acne on my chin has disappeared, with like one or two baby ones, but they are significantly reduced in size! I am on Yaz...its been about 4 months on that. I'm not crazy about it (besides the fact that its $20/month) because I believe that's what made me break out alon
  6. DAY 41 So I splurged a little bit today and purchased tarte's foundation and concealer. Even though my face is slowly getting better (albeit the reddness and the peeling thanks to the topicals), you can still see the hyperpigmentation through my makeup grrr. Hopefully this will provide the coverage I need without breaking me out. The saleswoman told me it wouldn't...she better be right! Seeing a lot less cysts (hooray) but the occasional one keep popping up...at least they dont' stay that l
  7. Hi taintedface. Sorry to hear that you're so sad I'm on Spiro too. After 2 months of Yaz and initially seeing improvement, I started breaking out worse than ever on my chin and some on my forehead. My new derm prescribed me 50 mg/day but after 5 weeks, she bumped me up to 200mg/day. I'm seeing improvement so far, but I know your frustration in the beginning. I would give your body some more time to get used to the spiro before increasing your dosage. Even before I went to 200mg, I had a
  8. I'm in a good mood today. My boss wasn't in to see me arrive to work about 15 mins late and my face is looking much much much smoother. Weird too because after this weekend's staying up late, multiple whisky-on-the-rocks and accidently sleeping in my makeup - I'm seeing far less pimples. My skin is a lot less red too. I'm not sure if its the increase of spiro or what, but something is working (hopefully). I was wondering something and was hoping for some feedback. Has anybody on spiro noti
  9. DAY 34 Ahoy! So had my appointment today. My amazing dermatologist injected every active pimple with cortizone so my face was a bloody mess right after, but so worth the bumps going down in time for the weekend. Got a bump in the dosage in spiro - from 50mg/day to 200mg/day. I'm super excited because I feel like this is the answer to help my hormonal acne. Is anybody out there taking 200mg/day? Please let me know! I just have to be sure to drink even more water than I do and keep positive.
  10. Hi leesett! my skin is not particularly oily...I have more combination skin so more oily in the nose & forehead. I definitely think spiro helped with the oil production, my nose & forehead are shine free all day (even now during summer in nyc) whereas in my pre-spiro days, my nose would be totally slick. DAY 33 My skin is once again stable...no new breakouts but a LOT less peely in the chin area. Tomorrow is my dermatologist appointment where she will probably do some bloodwork
  11. DAY 32 This weekend was great - concerts and sunny skies. My face is doing very well thank you. My skin is quite peely, but the active pimples on my chin have gone down significantly. I can definitely feel how tight my skin is so tonight I'll be sure to add some Jojoba or vitamin E to my moisturizer. I have my dermatologist appointment on Wednesday so hopefully she can give me some feedback and up my dosage for Spiro.
  12. DAY 29 Woke up today to fewer pimples (sweet) but more painful and pronounced existing ones (boo). I have one on my chin that looked like a monster but I think the Taz is keeping it tame. It literally had three heads that were about to pop up in one ugly body haha. A three-headed monster...although its not really that funny. Not peeling so much anymore but my redness & hyperpigmentation is worse than EVER but I have to concentrate on getting acne free first. When I got to work I realize
  13. DAY 28 My face has appeared to calm down a bit, so I'm happy & surprised I was about to call my derm and have my appointment bumped up so I can get some shots for the really sore ones, but I think I can hold off (hopefully). I have so much to do this weekend and a lot of people to meet, so I really hope I can get my face a little smoother by that time. Last night I put Taz on for the first time since the peel and I think it definitely helped. Not sure how much Finacea is helping though
  14. DAY 26 My skin is a peeling machine today! Last night I did a 35% glycolic acid peel to exfoliate and bring those pimples that are lurking beneath the surface out. I mean, there were going to come out sooner or later. I put on vitamin E all over my face to help bring some moisture back into my skin but the areas where I'm breaking out ie my chin, is extremely peely. I want to put more makeup on but I think it'll look worse and even drier. I received a comment today that my skin is looking w
  15. DAY 25 Well, after a nice relaxing 4th at a friend's house, I'm back to documenting my "progress". I'm getting a little frustrated with my face. My chin seems to be acting up again...its like the old ones keep on sprouting little pus-filled heads. And a couple have migrated to my lower cheek which really makes me angry. I'm trying to drink as much water as I can and remembering to take my supplements, which is a lot harder than I originally thought. Siigh.