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  1. at the place where where red marks are the skin is thin.that is why they look red because of blood. when you wake up there no much blood in your head that is why they look nice. i once fainted and my acne dissapeared. for a few hours.
  2. Acne has really changed me.I have become less sociable, i dont make fun of anyone( i try), i dont do bad things (avoiding the punishment), i dont do things that might make my acne worse. I dont know what other people think of me but i think i have become a better person. Anyway acne has destroyed my life.
  3. man i have understand how miserable i am. its been a year since i last went out on saturday night. I avoid social events all the time. I dint went out on christmas day neither new years eve. not even at the carnival. everybody should be out that day. no excuses accepted. i left my summer camp cause of my acne. my best time ever. i have lost one year of my life. the year that i have realised that my acne is realy bad. i am 16 but i remember only 15. i am on roaccutan for 3 months now. i start to
  4. acne has destroyed my dreams and now my only dream is to get rid of acne. ironic ha????
  5. when i say revenge i dont mean grab a shotgun and kill them. I mean a silend revenge. There are many ways to revenge somebody without knowing what you are doing.
  6. when my face is cleaned up, i will take revenge. All those who made fun of me will be sorry.They are all lined up. 1........ 2........ 3........ 4........ ..................................... my revenge list is endless