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  1. is fraxel OK for light brown olive tone skin ==> yes it is. The thing is that the settings might be less agressive to avoid any pigmentations problems and such.
  2. I can only tell you my experience, I experienced redness right after applying the tca-cross ( 100% in my case), the scar will get white frost and turn brown in a couple of hours(scab). after about a half a day to a day my redness disappeared.. Usually the next day when i wake up, i check it out and just a brown scab.. The scab can stay on for about 1 to 2 weeks, but i have not experienced longterm redness. Maybe because you are fair-skinned? I am asian-white, i have a more ethnic skin.. Go
  3. Say, is anyone here a little prone to keloid and is planning to do fraxel or wanting to consult? I seem to get keloids sometimes from like acne, i would say 1 out of 10 times perhaps, the rest is like depressed or kind of healed completely. So im thinking that any real damage to my skin could like trigger some keloids to form. does anyone know if it is possible to do any kind of revision such as fraxel laser? It feels frustrated if I am not possible to do any kind of revision because of th
  4. I have a pretty similir complexion with deepers icepick area's etc etc. It does make you look older, so does it on me. I could go for someone in his 30's while im only 21. Im still developing like stubbles everywhere on my cheeks as getting towards fully grown adulthood.. so I need to shave quite alot .. it will roughen up the compexion anyways. I have gotten a few lines also from scars, like frown lines etc. I am not supposed to get all that crap until my 30's or even later.. But I do have it
  5. That's pretty fast? Im talking about ur scabs falling off.. Mine are still on there, but I don't touch them in the shower etc. I just moist them everyday.
  6. I never frost with jessner, nor with tca on larger area's. Neither does it get really brown in my case, it only gets a bit shiney and maybe a little brownish/reddishthen after a few days it flakes and cracks a bit an starts falling off. I myself only frost (white) when i treat a scar with 100 percent tca cross ( NOT FOR PEELING!!) or if i put 15 percent tca 10 times in a scar with a toothpick. Hope that helps
  7. So, you think she should consider to kill herself because she looks like that? It's sad but I wouldn't want to die, I would exactly do the same as what im doing now well yea maybe less outside but I would just try to save up cash for later on. I bet in about 20 ~ 30 years we will be way more advanced ( of course if humans don't nuke each other, which will be 50/50 if you see what kind of idiots we have on this planet with great power) anyway, maybe even 40 years, she'll only be in her early 6
  8. I totally agree, alot of doctors are not very objective.. Power and cash makes people do weird things.. Usually it takes quite a few derms/doctor untill you find one that is understanding, experienced and more important, are in the business to help other people and make a living out of it rather than the usual capitalistic *@! sses.. who try to rip you off. :ninja:
  9. Thank god some people agree with me that this transplant thing is for real disfigured people as in the picture. ( i hate to put someone in that corner but dunno how else to say it..) I said in an earlier thread that you can't compare someone who is missing face features, lips, nose, big parts of the skin biten of to the bone etc with even very severe acne scars. You must stay realistic, some people really lost it. I know how much pain it is to have scarred skin all over and holes en dents, but
  10. hmm sounds a bit scary .. Maybe I'll try some, I think I might dillute it first for some rollingscars. I think it's pretty risky putting it on a larger area in a high concentration like 100%. Although the korean article stated that these kind of scars were also treated with 65% to 100%. I think the hardest part for me is to stay within the scarborders. I might put tape on the surrounding area hm.. Im still contemplating how and what. We are in a risky business, that's for sure. Even if (sc
  11. Lexy, you say you did rolling scars too right? I have quite alot of those too.. But obviously rolling scars take up more skin than a icepick. So im a bit scared of putting 100 percent on a roling/indented scars. What did you use to "treat those, like a q-tip? And did you also put it on the edges of the scar or only in the little depressed rolling dimple? If I could improve those I would be freakin happy. right ?
  12. Hope you get great results lexy, mine are still scabbed. They turned brown/scabbed half a day post cross. I just did a few to see how my skin reacts on 100 percent concentration but seems to be okay. Im just curious how it turns out. I never really got lucky when it comes to my skin, it's terrible sometimes. But I have to keep in mind that most probably 4/5 will improve after about 5 crosses and not just one. Well good luck
  13. I have in icepicks and rolling scars etc. But not on a few raised(keloid) scars, those are smooth.
  14. I've read at some specialised clinics they even did tca peels after every 2 weeks. So I guess those are legit so.. it is possible about 2 weeks later. But if it's good etc I have no clue, I am willing to try it after 2 or 3 weeks. Should be ok.
  15. Lexy, this is one of my trouble area's. I have a few more area's like that and also rolling / depressed area's. I am just showing pics of the area's im working on now..