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  1. Hi, Been looking through the forums on doctor recommendations and looking to find latest recommendations for doctors who can treat acne scarring? Seeing quite a few of the same names pop up Dr H, Dr Anil. Ideally trying not to spend thousands. I have Asian olive skin with mix of mild/moderate boxcar, rolling and ice pick scars on my cheeks from years ago. Had fraxel once which helped maybe 10% overall for the most shallow scars.
  2. Also DRaGZ I checked out your post and I think your results are pretty amazing. May I ask what your doctor charges for a consultation (I am based in LA also)? Could there be an option to do something similar to what you did but at lower settings? I am hoping to do something that means I can wear makeup a couple of days later and it be not so noticeable. A week is a little too long to take off work
  3. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. TCA cross definitely interests me and is something I have considered. I have to admit that lasers do scare me a little especially with the red bleeding after pictures. My face is really important in my line of work, so I would need to do something with the least downtime even if that means slower more gradual results. I did notice though that my doctor has an erbium fractionated laser listed on his site that sounds pretty much essentially the same as t
  4. I have some scars on my cheeks that I really want to get rid of. In most indoor light they look fine but as you can see in some harsh outdoor light, they really stand out. I have included soft light and harsh light of each side so you can see the difference. I would say they are mostly pretty shallow. Any advice on what treatments would be best would be appreciated. My doctor recommended smoothbeam to me but I have read a lot of not so great things about it and am a little worried that it might
  5. Hi, So I have been on accutane 5 months now (40mg a month) and it has worked miracles. I have clear skin (pretty much by month 3). I have been talking to my derm about how to get rid of my pitted scars. Most are very small with a couple deeper ones - but overall in my derms opinion it is all very mild. Now she has told me that I can get smoothbeam to get rid of these scars whilst I am still on accutane. I asked about waiting 3-6 months after accutane before any scar treatments and she said
  6. Where did you get it so cheap?! The cheapest I have found is costco at around $200 :/
  7. I had the copper IUD (Paraguard) for about 7 years and struggled with acne during the entire duration never attributing acne to the IUD. I loved the IUD because I didn't have to think about taking pills all the time etc and it was a great long term plan. However, It was only through research that I discovered copper in the IUD can mess up your zinc levels and this can be a cause for acne. After removing the IUD my skin got a lot lot better - i went from having medium/severe acne to fairly mild
  8. Oh and someone recommended Costco to me. They quoted $227 a month for a 40mg prescription of Claravis. I can save only like $11 if I order a two month supply but i don't know how long I will be on 40mg. Does anyone know of a better price than the one above?
  9. Hi, I just went to my derm who has agreed to prescribe me accutane, I will get the prescription and can start the meds in one month as required by ipledge rules. However, as I have only recently moved to the US for work purposes only I don't have medical insurance. My doctor told me that as I am paying for the course myself, my 'homework' is to ring up different pharmacies to find the best price as they differ greatly from pharmacy to pharmacy and then I can buy it from there using my prescrip