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  1. Really happy for you Starlite. Please keep us updated, posted pictures if possible. You have given me hope and new optimism for the new year ahead. Merry Christmas, all the best.
  2. I hope it works, I really do. That last story about walking into a bees nest sounds a bit silly.
  3. I agree with this. I am 34 now. Go days without spots, start worrying or get depressed for whatever reason and spots comeback. It's a vicious cycle and I am not able to stop it.
  4. Haha yeah. Is it weird that I hope I do have worms? So I might be mendable
  5. Thanks for the reply gbl, kind of you, good feedback, thanks for the advice and you look very pretty(just an observation) What to do, what to do...
  6. Hi guys, Going to take the jump again and book a consultation and have subcision + fraxel repair. Just saw this website which lists prices for a surgeon in London, are these typical prices? http://www.acnelaser.co.uk/laser_costs.php Can anyone recommend this surgeon? I have been to Dr.Chu before and another local surgeon called Mr.Murison in Wales. Not sure Dr.Chu would perform subcision and fraxel, and Murison made my scars worse by performing excision.
  7. I had excision on the scars on my neck and I was not happy with the results. With excision you are not trying to treat the problem, you are making new problems. I now have white patchy scars, still indented and still obvious acne scarring. I, like you, wouldn't of minded a few 1 inch scars here and there, adds a bit of character, but it was not the case. I would go with what he suggests if anything, try excising the larger ones and sucizing the lesser ones. You could always excise the lesser on
  8. Hey Lamarr, any chance you could make a step-by-step guide? Which would list all the products you use them, when and where I can buy them? It is too much information to take in through snippets in these posts, and I just want to get it right and also buy the right things. I think it would be really helpful to a lot of people here and less questions perhaps. If you don't have enough time I understand
  9. Yeah this pissed me off on TV yesterday, but then I watched a movie with Brad Pitt who has scarring and it made me happy
  10. Its basically the same company from ebay that Wynne posted, but I couldnt see the TCA Cross Kit advertised in the seller's stock, but there was a direct link to the website there - http://www.novaclinic.com.au/ They are located in Australia, so its around a 2 week shipping timeline to the UK Another one Wynne posted, that oyu might want to check out - http://www.mytcapeel.com/index.asp?PageAct...OD&ProdID=2 @ Bob111 Im not exactly sure of the scientific elements behind it all but from
  11. I have heard alot about needling recently using a roller. Looking at some of these pics, which look real enough, it could be worth trying http://www.clearskincare.com.au/skin_needling.html So its best to go for the roller with longer needles, so it penetrates deeper into the skin dermis You can only use some of the dermarollers once ? Would it be possible to steralize the rollers, and then be able to use them again ? @ Robin - How do you order from the Thailand website ?
  12. I have purchased the kit from novaclinic and ordered all the vitamins to aid in recovery and help the healing and prodution of collagen etc. I found the list here very helpful - http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t=0#entry778539 Now I need to find copper peptide, retinoids, neophor etc. that I will need in aftercare Any advice guys ?
  13. Thankyou very much for your reply Wynne. That is great advice and im finally ready to do it Sorry I havent posted a reply for such a long time, I have been trying to forget about everything and needed to fix a few things in my personal life, before I was ready to go ahead and do this Thankyou again, its greatly appreciated
  14. Hehe Yeah I will be careful. I know I sounded it a bit crazed in my last post, but it was all the forum searching driving me nuts Thanks to the link for perfectcomplexion.net, that is ideal Is this the package I would need ? http://perfectcomplexion.net/cart/index.ph...;products_id=32 Anything else you can recommend guys ? Thankyou for your help
  15. really u were on nhs right?? what was the laser for scars or active acne?? did it help at all? i ve seen alot of people have laser done when i have been there not sure what for exactly though No I saw him privately. The laser he used on me was for red marks I had on my face and neck from spots. I think he said it was an ablative or non-ablative laser. He also showed me the TCA Cross by using it on a few scars, so I could see if it works for me. It really was thoughtful ofhim, seeing as I d