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  1. LOL you're funny man, you are not ugly... infact you could even be very good looking! i suggest you change you're hair so something cooler, no offence but that looks screams weak and loose the glasses, get some contact. Also the lighting is too bright on those pictures to see your acne.
  2. This has been confusing to me for awhile, many people say no never pop a zit but I found that they pop no matter what you do. When they come to a white head, they will pop byitself (especially after a shower) and when they do you'll have a big scab on you're face due to the puss drying on you're skin. Acording to specialist, this will cause scarring, if so how do you prevent it from scabbing? unless you follow Dan's method of popping a zit to reduce the puss which i found is the best way to go
  3. Intense gel is better for that treatment before a date kinda thing, it really makes your skin looks better the next day, it can help with superfacial blemishes but i dont think it does much for deeper scar.
  4. Hey guys, i was wondering if this is ok to do? like i would put on Intense gel for 45 min then wait for 10 min, put BP and go to bed. Would BP cancel out the benefit on the Intense gel this way?
  5. Hey, i have the same problem as you. I believe what you have is Seborrheic Dermatitis, it is a pretty common skin condition... most of us have it but the more severe ones will loose hairs on the area its affected. I suggest you go to a doctor and he'll prescribe you a type of a cortisone cream that might work. This condition wont likely to go away very easily, my eyebrow is pretty thin now cause of it.... as if my acne problem wasnt bad enough.
  6. lpd213 i know how you feel man but dont let your desperation cloud your mind. I know that you know calling 10 times aday is a big no no, but sometimes you cant help it. Ive been there so i know, the problem is that you put too much thoughts into one girl. Girls come and go, you cant expect all the girls to like you. Alot of girls will flake on you, reject you, whatever... but there are girls that will be intrested in you. Its all a number game really, the girls that do like you will let you
  7. Calling 10 time is almost psychotic, if a girl call me 10 times aday. No matter how hot she is, id run far FAR away from her.
  8. Hey man, sucks to see you taken it the wrong way, i dint mean to diss you or anything. Am just giving you my opinion base on what you wrote, the fact that you remember every details about each encounter and you've made a poem about her; that tells me alot. Maybe i was a lil harsh on my wording but you did really sound like you are obsess with this girl. Its really good to see that you realize your emotion and control it, sorry i doubted you, it seems like you know what your doing. Good luck
  9. Yes, acne slowed me down big time, am not as witty or sharp as i used to be anymore.
  10. Woah tracy relax... i dont think he meant it in a bad way...
  11. I dont know if my case are related to yours or not but i had this guy, at first id considered him a cool friend then he starts to call me all the time asking me to go chill. Even tho we are friend, i was really started to get anoyed by him because he was soooooooo needy then finally i told him off! this also is the same case with girls too. Somtimes you gotta give your friend space to breath, sometimes i dont even call my best friend for weeks because i know that i need to give him his space.