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  1. Well....it's more - don't be scared to try it. I hadn't heard one good thing about it and didn't want to try it at all. But it turned out that it was the only thing that actually worked for me after a decade of shit skin. Maybe a few years down the line....who knows??? but I have never had clear skin before so my personal skin condition must be stongly linked with accutane. Im sorry to hear yours has returned. Why do you feel afraid to take it again? If my skin messes up, I would defina
  2. I used to scour these forums looking for a miracle cure for the "mild" cystic acne that used to appear on my face monthly/weekly/daily! I would get sore, itchy cysts and/or nodules anywhere on my face....normally the most obvious places so there was absolutly no hiding it and make-up only made it look worse (think hunchback of nostradame type thing). I would only get 1 or 2 at a time normally but it was a constant - one (finally) goes away, another appears. Which, by the way, only got worse wi
  3. WOW WOW WOW. This is the best thing ever! It really does work, ive been using it for about 3 months now and honestly...what a difference. I've always suffered from acne but not as bad as the last year and a half. constent bumpy sore bits!!! one would almost go and another would appear....complete nightmare!!! I can go out drinking and my face doesnt explode the next week (change also from coke to lemonade!) and I can enjoy a take away every now and then without panicking about repercussi