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  1. soo... i'm starting to get a lil discouraged... ever feel like you keep trying and trying but your skin is just stubborn and horrible and unfair... i'm using all my medicine religiously, and i still get no results. i don't want to see a doctor here at school because they won't know my history personally. i can wait til i get home again but thats not for another few weeks. idk.. i just feel like after all these months i'm still not getting anywhere. anyone else feel bummed out and stuck?
  2. this is a pretty legit point, but i don't think it's actually true for everyone. some makeup can clog your pores and make it worse, it's true. but i tried going a month or two without makeup, and nothing changed. i think it even made it worse. i always try my best to wear healthy mineral based powder makeups and i think they actually help. without makeup my face feels oily and weird at the end of the day, and with makeup it's not as bad. i think as long as you are careful to wear light, health
  3. your pores ARE all over your face. they cover your entire body.
  4. so this is me. i've been on the trentinoin stuff for about two or three months now, and it seems like it's finally starting to kick in. my face feels smoother and softer, and i only have one or two active bumps at a time anymore, if i have any. my face still peels once in a while, but not as bad as it used to when i first started, and it doesn't itch or burn anymore. and just a little story. my boyfriend, his friend and i decided to go swimming today, and i was stressing a little about my boyf
  5. i've been faithful with the trentinoin stuff (i.e. retin-a) and its finally FINALLY looking a lot better. like, the best it's ever been in my LIFE. there's only a little spot at the corner of my lips that still pretty active, but probably because i can't help picking at it sometimes. don't judge me, i just hate the feeling of those little imperfections... anyway, i'm just so happy that i stuck with it and listened to everyone. i almost feel like i'm the mot beautiful i can be, and i'm not even
  6. a quick response to those who commented. thanks to those who have gone through the same thing, and are sympathetic. to those who say i'm pretty and just posting for attention, i have had chronic acne all over my face for the past eight years or so. so i've been "panicing" over a face FULL of bad skin for some time now. and ESPECIALLY thanks to those who had some really good advice and remedies to offer, and the words of encouragement about my beau. sometimes i feel hideous around him, but i
  7. wouldn't you know it.. the day after i see my brand-new boyfriend again after three weeks of being apart, i get the BIGGEST BUMP I'VE HAD ON MY FACE IN YEARS, full of puss and everything. is it stress? is it a coincidence? is it FATE trying to tell me that i'll never be beautiful and i don't deserve a lover EVER? fyi, i didn't change ANYTHING in my regimen, and this is the worst, the absolute WORST zit i've had in YEARSSS. and no, i'm NOT exaggerating.
  8. your story sounds a lot like mine, the acne since you were eleven, it's stubborn but not too severe... i'm pretty close to the same age as you, too. my advice is simple: TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. you're not going to get put on accutane right away, even if you ask for it outright. it's strong stuff. your doctor will probably want to try some mild medications, creams and pills first, and he'll want you to stay on each prescription for at least a month or two to see results.
  9. thanks, girls. so at the moment i'm basically putting on moisturizer whenever my face feels like it's on fire, and putting on retin-a on the days that it DOESN'T feel like its on fire. lol. updates a'commin. maybe pictures too, if you ask real nice like... <3
  10. hey, i just started using trentinoin cream about a month ago, and i'm having a lot of issues... you say it took you about TWO months for your skin to stop being flaky and sensitive? i'm just feeling really discouraged, but maybe i shouldn't be giving up so soon?
  11. so i'm feeling a little stuck... my doctor put me on retin-a trentinoin cream about a month ago, and at first it was making me really dry and peely, the works. so i eased into it, using it more like every other night. now i've moved to a REALLY dry climate, and if i use the stuff at all, it makes my skin so flaky and peely that i don't even want to show my face! but if i DON'T use it, i still get the same amount of breakouts as ever before. what do i do? i can't see my doctor again for at lea
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    more of me

    just some everyday shots of me :]
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    From the album: more of me

    me and my boyfriend<3
  14. From the album: more of me

  15. so i'm in idaho now. i'm here for school for the next few months, and if any of you live in idaho, you know that it's DRYYY. i'm a little worried about things like makeup, the retin-a and the cetaphil moisturizer... lately my skin has been bumpy AND dry and flaky, and i just can't go without makeup. i can't. i don't think my makeup makes me break out either. it's a loose mineral powder with built-in sunscreen, and i HAVE to wear it. i just do. i guess i'm just writing cuz i want to jot down
  16. hello guy who somehow gets little icons into his posts...


  17. getting intimate with my boyfriend usually makes me forget. especially if it's dark. :[
  18. so it's been about three days using the new retin-a/ tretinoin cream and all i have to say is.. OWW. my skin is peeling off in huge chunks and it constantly feels like its on FIRE. i definitely think i over-dosed when applying it the first few times. ow oww owww... yesterday i got a HORRIBLE breakout with huge, angry red bumps all around my mouth and jaw. a few of them came to a head with white, pussy tops (which almost NEVER happens to me) which i soaked in hot water and gently squeezed and c
  19. so i went and saw the doc again today. he agreed that the CP wasn't doing anything permanent, so he said we were going to bump me up to the next level. and that level is called Retin-A. although, it says something else on the box. but basically its a heavy dose of vitamin A. we'll see how this goes... more pictures soon, i promise!
  20. i HATE acne. it was finally starting to get better. FINALLY. and then i made the mistake of skipping meds two or three nights. now it's right back to where i started. if not WORSE. i was going to go out and see my friends tonight, and now i don't even want to. it's completely ruined my day. maybe my whole week if it doesn't get better. it's been a month, why is there like NO difference at all? seriously, it was like TWO NIGHTS that i was just too tired, so i went straight to bed. i was out of
  21. i just think you made some good points here. well said!
  22. so, i have some good news! one, it seems like the regimen i'm on (BP and clindamycin phosphate, topical) is really working wonders for me. my skin feels and looks smoother, healthier, and much less irritated. its been about three weeks since i started the regimen, so i think it's ample time to analyze results. but here's something i've always heard and never been too sure about. does stress cause acne? it might be true for those with hormonal or mild acne in their teens and early adult life, b
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    From the album: day by day.

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    day by day.

    trying new meds a day by day visual log!