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  1. I have before and have felt fine. I also wash down my pills with a glass of wine on occasion, lol. Vitamin A is fat-soluble, so you want to have something in your stomach at the very least. If you can take it with a fatty meal, even better. But it's not always possible, and I certainly forget until bedtime a lot of the time, so if you can remember eating a meal with your pill, that's great.
  2. You must moisturize. It's not too dry now, but you just started. As you go along, your skin can develop really dry patches and it can be very uncomfortable. Your skin thins over time as well, so you want to make sure it's as healthy as possible. If there's one thing I make sure I absolutely do every day it's moisturize.
  3. Not at all, I drink often and it's never been a problem. I suggest drinking more water on the days you indulge, but you'll be fine.
  4. You can take them all together or one a piece throughout the day. It just depends on how you feel. Accutane is fat-soluble, so you should try to take it with a meal so the absorption rate is higher. Because the pills don't bother my stomach, I take them when I can remember, and I will often remember to pop both pills while I'm laying in bed at night. Do what works for you.
  5. I would say my back acne cleared up within the first couple months. My chest acne was a lot more persistent, and at month 5 my facial skin was 100% clear. Everyone is different as you can see from the other posters. Just don't give up hope as you're not done with your course.
  6. Your skin looks fab! And it's cute when you say "pash", lol.
  7. I wish you the best, Accutane is wonderful and you can definitely see improvement between the two pictures.
  8. Day 155: Just had my appointment today and I am going to do one more month at 80mg a day. I had to see a diff derma as mine is at a seminar this month and I was shocked that she let me do 80mg. My derma was only planning on letting me wean off on 40mg, but I was like sign me up! I feel like this extra month will really push my chances of having no remission into a good place. And I handle Accutane so well that it's no bid deal. It's honestly become just like popping a vitamin every day. I don
  9. Yesss, my period has gotten later and later as a result of Accutane. I am currently almost two weeks late, but last month I was a week and a half late. It sucks, but seems temporary.
  10. Day 150: I can't believe I've been on Accutane for so long! The time truly flies, especially as it took place in summer mostly. That's probably a good piece of advice: try to start Accutane during the summer, because summer always flies by! Skin is awesome. I have an appt. coming up, but I honestly can't remember the date. It's either next Tuesday or the one after. My feet have been peeling all over. It's a sight to see. On the bright side, my arms are now smooth and haven't had any dry pat
  11. Day 145: Just a quick update. I'm recovering from a nasty bout of the flu, so just letting you guys know I'm still alive! Skin is wonderful, even though I haven't taken pills for a few days due to the flu. Will post more soon, guys.
  12. Yay Dan's back! I'm so glad that your skin is flawless now. I haven't taken my pills for a few days due to the flu and already the redness has reduced, so rest assured the redness will go away. I'm almost done, thank God. But definitely post once in a while to let us know how your skin holds up!
  13. Day 133: Hey guys! Skin is great. Still get a couple small things here or there on my chest. Nothing I fret over. My appt. last week went quickly as usual, lol. She said this is my last month, 80mg. I asked if I am still breaking out, could I continue a little more and she said yes but at a smaller dose. Like 40mg for another month or maybe for a couple weeks. I will definitely be doing that! She'll be out of town for my next appt. so hopefully the derma who will be seeing me will give me a f
  14. *moderator edit* LOL. Not to mention this is the subsection for Accutane Logs.
  15. Good luck on your course! Accutane will take care of you skin nicely. Just make sure you have ten chapsticks on you at all times, moisturize both face and body twice a day, and try to sleep a reasonable amount of hours.