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  1. Thanks thats a great idea! I havent got a clue about electic razors though, what kind would you recommend?
  2. I'm starting to get really annoyed by the only spots I have left, the ones on the little fold between my lip and my chin. They aren’t really spots anymore, they’ve kind of developed into little lumps that look like they want to be left alone for awhile so they can heel. Unfortunately, every morning I attack them with razor blades attached to a stick. I know the easy answer would simply be ‘don’t shave’ but I'm not too fond of the bearded look (is anyone?) and i
  3. Aggghhhhhh! I'm in the same boat . I don't suppose there is anything I can do to speed up the process a little is there? I'm probably just gonna have to be patient aren’t I? I hate it when that happens, I want quick and easy results now!