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  1. i know, but i always feel that i could have been greater if i dont have these.. i always thought to myself i could be better in all the ways.. scars hinder me i swear..... i love meeting new people but because of this arrgg.. i really dont know what to do
  2. thats what he says.. he even told me that despite of my imperfections, what matters most is the people who love and care for us....
  3. i know i gotta love myself first that why im having this urge to break up with him because i feel incomplete....
  4. i was depressed of my acne scarring years ago but i got tired and decided to live on with it but just now my bf and i have been going steady for the past 8 mos... i thought everything was ok.. btw im gay.. just wanna let u know,,, so his family is very supportive on us being a couple... i really love him and he feels the same for me... he boosts my self confidence he always say that im handsome and he is head over heels to me but a while ago i asked him again if he gets bothered by my scars an
  5. hey.. the thing is... i had 2 set of excision done by 2 different doctors with 2 different outcome... the 1st one was tragic!!! lol well it did help quite a but but the 2nd set was miraculously great... thank heavens i came across this doctor..... damn he's not even a plastic surgeon but a derma! wtf but he did great! saved my life! CHOOSE YOUR DOCTOR!!! FAME IS NOT ALL YOU MUST TAKE CREDIT FOR TRUST ME!
  6. whats up lol... why are you guys fighting hahha... my scars look worst but only in the temples my scars in cheeks are just small ice picks... they probably looked worst because of the lighting and my scars got 10x severe in this pic lol......dont fight over me... i'll get this over hopefuly
  7. totally not,,, been pondering to hurt myself coz im such a burden to my mom.. but whenever i think of harming myfelf my moms image is flashing on my head which stops me... i dont wanna see her hurt
  8. i wish i could get rid of my scars and live happily with my life and stop spending my moms money for treatments that dont work..... i feel
  9. everyone was like saying that i should not be bothered by my scars but have you seen them.. i posted my pic in the scar treatments forum.. and look how sever my scars are, let see if you can still say those words to me lol
  10. i talked to this doctor a while ago and she told me that the derma roller with stem cell only helps for ageing and it alone cant improve the scars it must be used hand in hand with fraxel... another doctor told me a punch graft would help and a subcision plus restylane and followed by a pixeled laser.... and recently i found this website in the net who offers stem cell autologous graft.. it is kinda same as what brd offers.. stem cell in the fat then injected to the scars.... i dont know what
  11. there is a thread that i make with a pic of my scarring look how worst it is... it might alleviate your feelings