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  1. Oh man, its starting to become very irritating...This did not happen when I first tried the regimen. Im trying my hardest not to scratch and touch, but its just so itchy! And my skin feels absolutely horrid to the touch. I do not remember it being like this at all. There is no real burning sensation, my face feels warm at times but that's about it. Just the irritation is starting to get to me. Should I continue using it? I just started yesterday, using only BP at night, so its really weird that
  2. So I decided to go back on using DKR, after about a year or so. The first time I used it, it seemed to be working somewhat. The only reason I stopped was because I had some major Red blotchy dry spots just as I was about to run out of the products. This link is to the post I made when I got those spots. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Red-Blotc...91#entry2624791 I just started bascially yesterday, using a very small amount of BP and my face almost instantly turned red, and a bit irritating on
  3. Hi, I've been on the Regimen for about 3 months now. During the 3 months I've not had any real trouble with it, but about 2 weeks ago, my allergies kicked in (seasonal allergy) and my eyes were really irritated and I know you're not supposed to rub them, but I could not help it. After a few days after that, i noticed some really dry red blotchy sometimes irritating spots on my face. Now I am not sure if its because I rubbed my irritated eye, or if its something else. Right now I can say that the
  4. I've had acne for about I don't kno, 4-5 years now, probably at its worst at this point. But all through that time and even until now, I've not missed a chance to go out with friends and party or what not. My acne is pretty bad if you ask me, so many scars/red marks from old acne, and break out pretty often, sorta under control with the regimen though. My confidence is quite low with acne, hoping that will be fixed soon, but you shouldn't let acne get to you to the point where you miss out of ha
  5. When did you start using the AHA+? If you started right away with AHA+ then that could be your problem. The regimen says to wait atleast about a month until you should start using it.
  6. I placed an order using First Class international, a few threads down I posted about it. Anyways, using that method, the final total came out to be 58.71 CAD. But when it arrived, had to pay about $10 to the delivery guy (Canada Post)...I think it was tagged by customs, cuz there was some customs sticker attached to the box :S
  7. Well, it came in today...sad thing is, i was charged an extra $10 for shipping and handling by Canada Post...or well, I think it was tagged by customs :S
  8. Oh alright cool, thanks. 9 business days huh, it should arrive today then! lol, I live in ontario as well. Heres for hoping it arrives today so I can begin the regimen!!
  9. Did anyone receive a tracking number using this shipment method?
  10. It was $45.78 US. Came out to be 58.71 CAD when I purchased.
  11. Hey, I'm new and recently just bought the starter kit using the method int he title. I was wondering how it works. I'm afraid that when it arrives, no one is home to pick answer the door and they might just leave it there, now I live in an apartment so it would be a different story if I lived in a house. Its been about a week since I ordered, I'm hoping it arrives soon, as I am sick and tired of this acne, and every other product I have used =(