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  1. Hey, Well i finished Accutane like 5 months ago with great results, i mean i still have the red marks to fade, but they're doing good, my only problem now is i still breakout in like 2 tiny spots on my face, and its always the same 2 spots, my dermatologist reccommended i just find a nice cream for those few spots. So here i am, ANYONE HAVE A GOOD OVER THE COUNTER CREAM THEY RECOMMEND?
  2. DAY 160 Well guys, really getting down to the end of the road, my skin is getting better and better each day, all i really have now is redmarks ( which do suck because it makes my skin appear to look like i have acne :/ ) but atleast i know they will fade away. I goto the dermatologist tommorow to get my perscription for my LAST MONTH OF ACCUTANE, so im guessing my total course is will be around 200 days long.. not bad, another 40 more days can't be that bad, i mean ive been through 160, 40 wil
  3. DAY 157 I haven't broken out in a while :] i think the breaking out is almost overrrrrr, please don't breakout over night :]] and im just gonna let my redmarks fade glxxxxxxxxxx
  4. DAY 154 Really starting to forget about this log.. my acne really is pretty much gone, and i havent broken out in a while, but i have lots or redness and redmarks that i want to go away. I have another like 40 days of Accutane left.
  5. DAY 143 Whatsup guys, im really starting to forget about this log since im clearing up and all, but if you think about it ive still got a longgggg way to go ( another month and a half ), since i am doing the 6th month and all, cause im not yet completely clear, i think it would be a good idea to do that 6th month. Basicly for my face, i think i have one tiny active that i actualy just picked, then for the rest i have red marks, the thing is my red marks are pretty bad, id say a good 4 months fo
  6. DAY 136 Haven't broken out in like 4 days, things are starting to really look up. It seems like my whole face has stopped breaking out, yet i like under my lip, and under my nose addapted to the 'not breaking out' slower than the rest of my face, cause basicly all my breakouts in the last month were just in those 2 spots. So once those 2 spots get the memo i think it should be smooth sailing, like im basicly clear, if you don't count red marks
  7. DAY 128 KK, went to the dermatologist today, it was pretty much a short meeting, but he said im really basicly clearing up, but i have those red marks, he told me theyd fade in about 2 monthsish, and he asked me about a 6th month, i have to let him know whether i want it next time i go in to visit him, im leaning to doing that 6th month, just to be sure you know, like its one more month, fuck it. Brokeout above my lip too ... :l
  8. DAY 127 Still alive guys, face isn't completely clear yet, don't get me wrong i still get breakouts, just tiny, and not very often.. I still have room for lots of Improvement I goto Derm tommorow, ill update when i get back. pce.
  9. omgu8myrice, Fuck you fagget ahahahahha Pikapig, I Didn't understand a word of you're post sorry DAY 121 Brokeout one time on my chin in like the last week, really starting to love Accutane, woooo.
  10. gLx, Every guy really does love Taylor Swift, ahaha and those 2 songs really are great. Yeah i think im going through like the exact same thing as you. I get like tiny random whiteheads and i just pick them and they end up being like a red mark, and takes a few days then eventually you pick the flake off. Im sure it will get better, everything is really starting to slow down. Olive Oil for redmarks is suppose to be good, since you used it and had good results, i think i may try it, thanks for s
  11. MissAngie, Hahahahahaha, yeah, i love Taylor Swift, tell you're fiance he is not alone. But for the Neosporin, i use it on like cuts, when i pick my face or anything, like if i had dry skin, and i picked it, and you result in a cut, i neosporin the cut every day, then put a layer of moisturizer on that after, Really works.' DAY 114 Brokeout once in the last 3 days, this shits getting really old, and boring, lots of redmarks, room for lots of improvement with the redmarks. another month
  12. DAY 111 Brokeout on cheek, twwo redmarks now, nothing new besides that