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  1. Hey you guys, dont you guys get those that pop out of no where? Or the ones that you wake up w??? Like for me...yesterday when i woke up...i have this HUGE i mean huge pimple w puss or whatever it is... I tend to pick at the scars a lot...and sometimes i see that there was something still inside...is that bad? Should i not scratch it off?
  2. Thanx for trying to help sophiena, but i just cant seem to get it...Like i try to find ne possible way to try and get myself a blog...and nothing.
  3. Hey, I feel what you say!!! My Family is always like that to me. Now mine is dif, just like your sister, i have severe acne. My Family and i mean aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Always tell me to stop putting makeup or to pull my hair back from my face. Honestly i get annoyed! I mean they dont know how bad it is to go through acne, mostly severe acne. Well, actually, it was hereditary-my dad had it- And i get frustrated with myself. When i walk and i see someone with worse acne and they have thei
  4. I would rather stay at home and stick pins in my eyes as opposed to leaving the house without makeup so naturally i asked my derm this very question! The answer was, as long as the makeup is oil free/water based and non comedogenic then its fine. If yu want a really good concealer i suggest you try Dermablend - it covers everything and i mean everything. They do a foundation aswell but i havent tried it, i can only vouch for the concealer, i wouldnt be without it!!! Omgash thanks for answe
  5. Hey, ive been on accutane for about 4 weeks. My skin is getting worse by the wks, and i get really insecure on showing my real skin to anyone I've been wondering if wearing cover up makes it worse. Does it get more bacteria and make accutane slow down?