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  1. Hello. Ive been using the regimen for about 3 years now and I have never had any problems with it.. It has kept me clear and I am pretty much in love with it... BUT.... Within the last month since I bought a new bottle of BP my face has exploded it dry red flaky patches! it hurts so bad and I have since only been using about 1/2 a pump of BP on my face which is unlike me. My face is so dry its hard to apply makeup and my face is pretty much on fire all day.. WHAT IS HAPPENING??? why all of a s
  2. thanks for the advice, means alot.

  3. Yes your about at that stage where that will happen. Stay with it! and dont miss at all twice a day. or you will break out..

  4. oh ok thanks for replying back. i was wondering im on the 4th week and breaking out a little did the same happen to you?

  5. I have been on Dan's Regimen for 1 year and 2 months now. I love it! i rarely get any pimples anymore, and when i do they go away within a day or so. Its a huge improvement over what i had before! try it!

  6. hi i hope you dont me asking but how long you been on dans regime for? and does it give good results? jus wondering

  7. Oh, I see I already left a comment :P

  8. Yeah, if you give it a shot, let me know how it goes. I didn't have any luck with it, but other people have. It does seem messy, though. : )

  9. yeah! it looks really cool. i just dont know if i have the paitence. lol and it looks pretty messy. but i still might attempt it! ill let ya know if i do!

  10. Aww. I'm glad. He makes me smile, too. Also, are you going to try water marbling? I see you looking at the thread. ; )

  11. The Nekobus makes me smile everytime i see it... XD

  12. Sorry just need to vent about this.. I work in a Hair salon in a department store.. And the lighting in there sucks so bad.. Ill look so nice when I leave my house to go to work, and when I walk in there and look in the mirror I see a caked on makeuped washed out sewer rat... Ill have dark circles under my eyes and my face looks dry and looks like I have caked on powder on my face when I dont really. and my eye makeup looks weird. I hate it!! ahh.. Who wants to get their hair done by someone who
  13. Walmart carries the Equate version of the old olay. (with the zinc oxide) I stocked up with it when I discovered this problem too.. Hopefully Olay will get the idea when they arent selling any of there Avobenzone crud..