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  1. The problem with the topic of shaving in regards to acne is that everyone seems to be different. I personally get on best with electric razors (currently using Braun 340s-4) as they don't cut too close, keep my skin fairly dry (along with bp) and the actual shaving process is quick with minimal irritation from the razor itself. When my skin's dry it is usually clear. I always shave last thing at night daily.
  2. The Head and Shoulders Classic now has an 'improved scent' which presumably isn't great for those that use it as a body wash. Has anyone here noticed a difference in its effectiveness?
  3. For my forehead I use a salicylic acid wash by Agera every 5 days or so. I personally don't use a moisturiser -- I've tried a few but never really felt they were doing much. Usually my skin dries out and starts flaking a lot worse during winter due to the cold weather + extra heating in the house but this hasn't happened this year due to the reduction in BP. You could try reducing the amount/number of products that you use. I've always found that my skin preferred as few products as possible, t
  4. [Aimed at those with milder acne] Normally my skin worsens over winter but it's looking really good right now. Here's what I've been doing recently: Lessened Bp usage. I'm still using BP every other night but I've reduced it to about a pea size per cheek and a small dot for moustache area. I don't use it for mouth/forehead areas. Started using beard trimmer (Remington MB320C, without guard) rather than an electric razor. I'm letting my facial hair grow for roughly a week and then trimmin
  5. You could try pea protein or hemp protein.
  6. Well accutane is pretty much a high dose of Vit A, right? And most people find that their skin clears nicely when they're on holiday due to the sun (vit d3). I take 10,000 iu of vit d3 per day and due to the lack of sun here in the UK am gonna start using sunbeds every now and then at the gym.
  7. Good luck to everyone trying this method! Will keep following this thread.
  8. I think most foods are ok...just gotta watch out for the obvious ones which are usually recommended when bulking such as milk/dairy, sugary foods, fast food. I personally eat a lot of pasta/spaghetti for calories.
  9. The Derm will probably get you to try a topical such as Differin or Duac + maybe an antiobiotic.
  10. Head & Shoulders Classic -- great for body acne too.
  11. The vitamin d3 that I personally use is one by 'healthy origins' -- you can get a bottle of 360 (so basically 1 year's supply) for £8'ish so it's very affordable. Would you care so much about skincare if you didn't have acne-prone skin? I know I wouldn't.
  12. You could also try not brushing your teeth straight before bed. Otherwise you may be dribbling the toothpaste which could cause breakouts (don't quote me on this lol) Haha yeah that's also a possibility! Forgot to mention I also picked up some toothpaste that a bunch of members on here recommended because there's no fluoride in it, I think it was called Toms Of Maine. I personally have gone back to using fluoride toothpaste and I've definitely noticed a difference in terms of the cleanl
  13. You could also try not brushing your teeth straight before bed. Otherwise you may be dribbling the toothpaste which could cause breakouts (don't quote me on this lol)