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  1. Photo TX is expensive 125.00 a pop and I don't have insurance. I found an all natural tea tree oil soap that I can buy fifteen bars for the price of one UV light treatment and it really works for me. Its called RESTORZ handmade soap from www.MYBLUEDOLPHINSOAP.com I have used it for years and I am clear. Best of luck
  2. Sometimes when you peel away the rotten orange peel you find a sweet beautiful pulp underneath other times you find it has spoiled. You have found a beautiful pulp, congratulations Adrianne, now stay positive and do what ever it takes to keep your skin clear and healthy. Often you just grow out of it like I did and I get quite a few good compliments on my skin. Chin up.
  3. I use Tea Tree oil soap and Shea butter aloe vera lotion called RESTORZ handmade soap and lotion . The Tea tree oil helps remove the oil factor and the shea / aloe lotion with tea tree oils is a nice skin balancer. Google it.
  4. Shea butter clears scarring and tea tree oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal. I use the soap and shea butter called RESTROZ handmade soap. You are right about the moisture needed. Tahnks for the post.