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  1. i too also applied to areas which i only had pimples, chin, nose, b/n eyebrows, temples and forhead... during the first 3 weeks i started getting a few white heads on my jawline and cheek.. which i never had before.. it was extremely werid.. i think im 2 months into my regimine, im pretty much all clear havnt had a pimple in 2 weeks or so.. just got red marks left.. i even cut down on BP by up to half.. only aplying 2 chin and round mouth now.. so far so good v/ happy
  2. hahhahah holidays.. gotta love em.. mmm during the school term i do the regimen at around 8am and 8pm.. but like during holz its like 2pm and 2am.. so i guess.. just do it when u wake and b4 u sleep.. shud be fine
  3. after about 3 weeks into the regimne i started 2 use AHA as a spot treatment.... its now about a month and a bit... and im getting the occassional whitehed break out around my jaw line and cheeks... funny thing is.. i never applied any AHA or BP there every, as i have no pimples there, its kinda weird that im breaking out in spots where i have never broken out b4 =S
  4. hi , i ordered it about 2 and a half weeks into the regimen and have used it.. it had made my skin a little bit smoother, i use pea sized amounts in certain areas morning and night, by pea sized i mean very very little lol, i was kinda sceptical about using it so early into the regimen but i had a special event to atend, and i had great skin on that night i have had no negative effects yet.. how much r u using?
  5. hey just wandering what are the side effects which u experiaced??
  6. hey man i wud do twice a day.. if u said u dont get flakes then u shud have nothign 2 worry bout =D. but as for me, i use about half the usual amount that i use at night in the morning, and i use moisturiser for the very minor flakes in the morning. I only use a little little little bit of moisturiser @ night now even with my full amount *1 pump (not doing all face)* coz i think my skin has gotton used 2 it. so i guess what u can do is moisturise only if u need 2. eg if u feel its very dry in a
  7. i HAD very very oily skin, espesh on forhead / nose area... after using BP numerous times, all the oily ness disapeered... so i HAD to use a moisturiser.. gl !!
  8. use ur own money with pay pal
  9. i take, a muti vitiman, a zinc one and two fish oil tablets a day. so far they havnt had any negative effects i guess
  10. lol my mum was getting pissed too.. after haeps of products and then ordering proactiv (x 2) failed, i was beggin my mum to take me to see a doctor coz my frend said he got some sort of pills which helped his acne heaps but he was a way serious case than mine... but i was like what the heck so i xfered my money to paypal from my bank then i ordered it.. my mum doesnt really know that i got it LoLolol.. maybe when im full clear ill tell her (soon hopefully so she can gimme some money back xP)..
  11. i too would like to know.. ive been goin steam room at my gym about 10mins once or twice a week.. dunno if its doing me any GOod or bad.. lolz
  12. Hey Karlie + all, im glad to read your responses to the regimen.. I just about finsihed my 2nd week on the regimen.. so far so good *i think* ive had a minor break out with 4-5 white heads over the 2nd week.. first week i suprised i had none lol.. umm i just got a Q, i apply BP to my forehead and after maybe an hr even after applying some moisteriser after the BP has absorbed, its very dry and hard and when i raise my eyebrows it feels tight and sometimes at school i rest my head on my cotton sc
  13. hey there, i read ur post(s) i too recently started on the regimen, im 17, asian guy, last year of high school.. my acne is fairly light only on my chin, nose, and forehead a bit... but all my other frends dont have pimples.. so i guess i kinda get paranoid which is why i started the regimne.. its almost been two weeks.. so far.. i think ive had a semi purging period as ive gotten pimples where i never have gotten in my whole life.. eg my jaw line and my right temple.. also a few small ones in
  14. hey man i too am in high school, im from australia, my final year, im 17 atm and i have light / mild acne... i do this in the morning b4 school.... -wake up at 7:30am -cup of cofee LOL (cant stay awake without it) -brush teeth / mouth wash -shower about 7:45am - shampoo , wash body etc etc -CLENSE just before getting out of the shower.. rinse face off.. get out of the shwoer -pat down face... dry hair with tower till semi dry.. put on singlet, pants etc -Apply 1/2 pump of BP.. i dont have acne