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  1. Erythromycin (taken with accutane) always increases my nosebleeds greatly (more or less causes them) and it makes me feel more fatigued and lethargic, cant say it made much difference either. As for draining you just need some antiseptic and a pin, tissues and gause would probably be a good idea. Just make sure your as gentle as possible and prick in the least noticable spot, after pricking gentle pressure to the cyst will help remove as much fluid as possible, keep taking the Erythromycin until
  2. I think its only really a cyst if it stems from deeper under the skin. Sounds like what you have may be a reaction to something rather than just regular acne, all you can do is try to cleanse with salicylic acid and the likes
  3. You should drain it ASAP, dont squeze it though you'll just make it bruise badly and get bigger. Get some rubbing alcohol or similar cleansing agent apply it to the cyst and a pin, the smaller the better, then prick the cyst and squeze it gently, you'll want to have tissues at hand. once it is mostly deflated apply more disinfectant and use a bandaid if it keeps bleeding. This will at least reduce the amount of permanent damage. I have no idea how to get them to heal completely though, mines bee
  4. If its like the ones I get I think its just bruising from the inflamation, taking aspirin and applying topical anti-inflamatory products should help reduce its visibilty but I havnt found a reliable way of clear them up