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  1. Is this normal!? Some of my skin that has peeld is turning bright pink! some of my skin is just my normal light brown color and other parts are bright pink! Under my chin it hasnt peeld yet but can tell its going to be a long line of just pink!kinda like a burn or scar mark. is there anything to help make it go down? its been pink since last night when it peeld.
  2. Im doing a tca peel on my 3rd day right now and i havnt pluckd eye brows and chin in maybe a week so its starting to become noticable. i read the paper and it said dont shave for a MONTH! ater the tca peeL!? is this correct!? If so what would happen if i do it a few days after the tca peel all comes off?
  3. no i havnt even started peeling yet this is barley my third day and my face is just reallllly tight but some parts of my face are darker then others
  4. IS this bad? Like will some of my face be dis colored after this? if so is there a way to fix this? or would i have to do the peel over again? I put some on my forehead but its not dark like under my chin turned and i have a few darker spots then others? is this bad? please anyone who can give help would be very thankful. This is my first peel its 25% cuz i have bad acne scars so im unsure of what to do.
  5. I did a TCA peel 25% for the first time today i have alot of acne scars on my cheaks and under my neck. And alot of little holes on my nose form poping the black heads. So i just did my whole face. Well i was using 2 q tips at a time and the burning was intense for me so i went through pretty quick so i when i washed it off i noticed as it turned red i missed a few spots like a line on my forhead and a few spots jaw line. is it ok to go over the spots i missed right now.? Or should i wait.?