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  1. I forgot what happened, what I remember was it was pink when I woked up
  2. Hey guys, I have acne scars all over my face and I decided to use glycolic acid 5% on my face. I left it on for the whole night, I did this a couple times. Did I damage my skin permanently?
  3. I have acne scars, and then i left glycolic acid 5% on my face the whole night a couple times, will doing this damage my skin? I was obsessed with getting rid of my acne scars, 5% the whole night isn't that strong is it? will it cause any permanent skin damage?
  4. OHh, then is this severe? this was my left side of my face 4 months ago.. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/post-a174...age000.jpg.html i've been using a blackhead scrub, a chemical peel every week and salyicilic acid on the pimples at night! and i've also been using a vinegar toner lol
  5. Hey here's some photos and i was just wondering, is my acne severe? How bad is it, and can my scars ever go away? :/ i hate acne....... left and right face
  6. Had these scars on my left temple for a little over a year now... i broked out like crazy last year and this is what the outcome was... =/ it would suck so much if this was permanent... is it?
  7. Well im 17, and i had acne for 3 years now,it started when i was 15, i was clear but i would break out on my forehead, and then when i was 16 i started breaking out ALOT on my cheeks... and now that im 17 here's what's left of me. =\ I really don't know what to do... everywhere i go i feel so selfconcious and when i look around i could see people looking at my face. I cleared up about 90% now because before i would have so much more pimples but I'm scared the scarring might be permenent. Are the