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  1. Hi guys, I managed to clear off my acne before by using pro activ, but after a few months it came back. One of my co workers noticed it and gave me a bottle of tea leaf oil. I have been on this thing for about a week and it seemed to be keeping me clear. However I did break out the first 3 days of using this...but after the break out I cleared off pretty well and it seems to work miracles on hyperpigmentations as well. I just thought id share this with you guys maybe it will work well for you
  2. i brought the one offered at puredeeming
  3. Lactic is great for hyperpigmentation imo. I use a 40% lactic every 5 days for aprox 10 mins before rinsing off. I have experienced pretty noticable results after the 5th peel, I do a peel every 5 days.
  4. I have tried both glycolic and lactic, glycolic acid is very irritating to my skin but lactic is very mild and my skin can handle it much better. I prefer lactic it has diminished most of my hyperpigmentation after the 5th application or so.
  5. I agree pure deeming intense gel is simply amazing...this thing has instant result from the first application. It gives off this warm yet very healing sensation to my skin when I apply it.
  6. ive been using lactic peels for about 3 weeks now, once every week. Is it safe to perform a lactic (40%) every 3 days? my skin tolerates lactic acid very well and doesnt cause me to break out. If i perform a lactic peel every 3 days will it do more harm than good? im having fairly good results w/ just once a week, its getting rid of almost all my hyperpigmentation problems, but I want to get rid of these marks faster, so will performing a peel twice a week be more beneficial?
  7. intense gel + lactic peels from puredeeming does wonders for red marks/brown marks in my experience just make sure to wait 24 hours after performing a peel before using the intense gel again
  8. if your "scars" arent indented then you probably dont have scars...just hyperpigmentation from breakout. I have the same problem too....my skin is smooth to the touch but I have a few dark marks that makes it look like I still have acne but I do not. I have tried a few things but what I found worked for me is using Puredeeming Intense Gel AHA version, a Glycolic Peel(got rid of most of my hyperpigmentation after my 5th peel), and using sunblock (SPF 15+) even if you are just going outside for a
  9. I decided to visit the local derm (first time *sweat*) and he looked at my skin. The derm said I dont have any serious scarring just hyperpigmentation. I asked the derm if he has heard about Tri-Luma and asked if it would help me...but his respond seemed a bit weary. However he did recomend me some hydroquorine medication to help with my hyperpigmentation. Im not too sure wether to trust his judgement because his respond for Tri-Luma really gave me a doubt if he was knowledgable. Ive read a d
  10. hehe I know for sure they arent blackhead ( I had a few on my nose soo i know what blackheads are) proactive repairing lotion got rid of them in less than a week. Im pretty sure they are shallow icepick scars, but for a scar to be classified as a scar does it have to have skin depth?
  11. wow good luck healing and I wish you the best results!!
  12. non can reply? i would be sooo happy if i realized they would "go away" w/o doing any harsh treatment
  13. How are scars actually classified as scars? I have a few Icepick looking scars but my skin is smooth, if i touch my skin I cannot feel any lumps. Would this be considered a scar? The Icepick I have are hyperpigmented. Small light brownish colored dots. I got a bit confused when I looked at the stickied scar pic on top of this forum because I noticed that all the types of scars they showed had skin depth and no discoloration.
  14. Tracy was that a full face TCA? Didnt realize the redness and noticability would be that great. If I applied TCA on a few icepick scars will my entire face turn that color? Or only the spot the TCA has touched? If my entire face turns that color, I will have to wait to perform TCA till I have a good hybernating time available to me.