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  1. I wish you the best of luck with more treatments. Are you staying with the same doctor? I am a laser wuss also- but I took the chance after about 3 years of working up the nerve and finding a doctor that I trusted with making a bad thing better instead of worse. I hope it goes well for you! Please update!
  2. THIS IS VERY LONG SO I WILL APOLOGIZE UP FRONT!! I posted back before I had the Pearl fractional laser done (in Feb 09?) but couldn't find it to update! First - please note the type and name of the laser. I can only talk about this specific treatment and don't want anyone expecting the same from another treatment and being disappointed. The total cost for the treatment was $3000. Included was the consult with the Aesthetician, the Doctor and a home care kit for two weeks prior and for p
  3. I am reading your progress and I hope that the Accutane works for your skin and helps you feel better about your looks. People say looks aren't important, but that's really not the whole story! Yes, personality is a huge factor, but if you can't get the courage to talk to someone or they won't look at you, it certainly doesn't count for much. ...as for the girl...I have to vote against her. She sounds like she decided you weren't good enough for her and headed off to find greener grass. I d
  4. DND


    Hi, I was on the sight looking for the same info! I am having the Pearl fractional laser done this Friday. I don't know how well it works, but here's what my Dr has told me so far: I should see good results with just one treatment though he said I may consider another if I feel that there is more improvement to be done. My treatment is $3000 which includes the care kit, pre-procedure Dr. appt, procedure, and all post procedure appts. I have to have numbing cream on my face for 1 hr be