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  1. And that's the response of a misogynist who thinks he's cool. I'm so freaking tired of self-described "good guys" whining about how under appreciated they are by the opposite sex. Guess what: women who say all they want is a "good guy" aren't giving you all the details. Your definition of "nice guy" probably isn't the same as hers. I agree with you. It goes both ways. Yes women whine about wanting a good guy. But guys whine about being a good guy that isn't appreciated by women.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I just really am not too happy about taking accutane and am not 100% sure that I want to take it. I don't want to have the side effects and I know that I will probably fine taking it. I just need to be 100% that it is what I want to do before I jump in. I also think that my acne is hormonal. My period just ended so what is in those pictures is what is lingering from that. In about 2 weeks I will be clear for a week and then the whole thing will start over again. Will ac
  3. Yea I shouldn't have scrolled all the way down and looked at all the pictures. But you are right some of that did not look like acne.
  4. Wow! I guess it is true that it can always be worse. I guess I don't have much to complain about now after seeing that. I really don't know what else to say.
  5. Day 3 Ok so yesterday was day 3 on the regimen. My skin is starting to feel itchy and starting to flake a bit. The old big cysts that I had have shrunk a bit and any new ones that have popped up have came and are just about gone. I really think that my acne is very hormonal. About a week or so before my period I break out not tiny ones huge cyst like pimples. They tend to stick around for awhile lol. Then I will be clear for about a week before the whole process starts again. Someone on anoth
  6. I have this exact problem. About a week or so before my period I break out and not just little ones huge ones lol they stick around for a longtime. Then I will be clear for about a week before the whole process starts again. I will have to look into evening primrose and see if it can help me. Right now I am using the acne.org regimen not Dan's products though I am using cetaphil cleanser bar , nutrogena on the sopt treatment and olay complete mosturizer. I love the cetaphil cleanser it is great
  7. You shouldn't generalize about women. Not all are the same. But.... I know that in the past I did that samething bitch and moan about not finding a nice guy and when I find one I don't treat him like I want to be treated. In the past I have picked fights and avoided. This is something I have changed. My coworkers daughter is the same way. She picks fights and avoids the nice guys like the boyfriend she has right now. Her ex who is an ass she treated great and kept him around a lot longer than
  8. Day 2 So yesterday was Day 2 on the acne.org regimen. Nothing really to report. A few new ones have surfaced but they are very small and seem to be going away and coming to a head quickly. The BP is not irritating my face. I bought the on the spot treatment over the weekend and I don't think it will last to much longer. I can't wait to order the products from this site and try them. I will have to wait until I get back from my trip to Australia.
  9. That was really good thanks for posting this. I saw myself in those 3 people. It was a good episode. I like Lily (i think that was her name) am struggling with my acne and the decision of going on accutane or not. the last time I was at the derm she said only accutane would help me. I am determined to find a way to clear my skin without accutane. I will not go on it.
  10. used it it did not help me at all. I also used acne free which did not help either. it is basically the same thing as proactiv just cheaper.
  11. I agree with what everyone has said. He didn't break up with you because of acne he broke up with you because you were hiding from him, picking fights with him and not talking to him. Relationships can be tough. I am 27 years old when I was about 22 or so I realized that my ex's weren't breaking up with me because of the way I looked or my weight or anything. They were breaking up with me because of the way I acted and carried myself. After my son's father dumped me a week after we found out I w
  12. I need to find a good foundation with good coverage. I have used bare minerals before. I liked it at first but I didn't get great coverage. I have oily skin so by mid morning whatever I wear seems to have dissapeared and my face gets really shiny. I just bought some nutrogena glow sheers with spf I haven't tried it yet I am reluctant to use it. I just started the acne.org regimen. Anyone have any suggestions on a good foundation with good coverage?
  13. I love all things sweet. Candy, cake, pie, fruit. You name it I love it I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth it is hard to stay away. My son has a huge sweet tooth like I do. I try to get him to not have so much candy and cookies and such but the same rules don't seem to apply to me.
  14. My sister and I both have acne. Hers is pretty clear now and I am working on mine lol. Nobody else in my family does though. All of my cousins have great skin and my parents do also for the most part.