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  1. ive been using duac gel every night for the past 4 - 5 months and it is working wonders. i didnt even have an initial breakout with it. (i had mild-moderate acne) i havent had a real zit(just a few clogged pores) for a few weeks now *knock on wood*! but recently i noticed that my pores are getting HUGE is duac really supposed to do this? how do i make my pores smaller? <<duac is 1% clindamycin and 5% benzoyl peroxide>>
  2. hey everyone. i realized i have 2 usernames and i want to get rid of this one. is there any way to cancel my account? thanks
  3. hi everybody. i was just wondering if there is any way to cancel an account. i made this one but i have a different one that i want to use. thanks so much
  4. 1 big one. 2 small. all thanks to duac. its literally changed my life
  5. has anyone ever used dual gel? how does it work? is there an initial break out? how long until results? ive just recently started to break out on my forehead(used to break out on my cheeks) after starting softball practice...... dirty helmet + sweat = no good . anyways yes, i was just wondering how effective duac gel is thanks ciao
  6. hey everyone. i dont know if someone else posted something like this, but i need help. what is the best way to apply foundation? the foundation that i use is very close to my skin tone but i just dont know how to make my face look natural with it on. i go to school so i have flourescent lighting all around me so its important that it looks good and covers well. thanks for helping xoxo
  7. hey i didnt know where to put this so i just put it in general... how do you upload pictures onto your gallery? i got upp to the actual window where it asks you to browse for the file you want to upload and every single time i press upload, a blank screen comes up and my picture doesnt load. pleasssssssse help thanks =D
  8. hey guys. well ive had mild acne for the past 3 or 4 years. (whiteheads, hyperpigmentation) its been staying mild this whole time which is good i guess.. although no acne would be just wonderful. but anyways, as i started reading all these posts about how people made fun of other people because of acne, i couldnt help but look back on my past. even though ive had this acne, no one has ever made fun of me. people in my town are very..."materialistic" and "conceited". everyone is into their
  9. ive heard that there have been severe initial breakouts associated with retin-a and avita etc. (topicals containing vitamin a)... but unusually, i havent had a break out yet. its been a week, almost 2. from reading other posts, ive seen that people using retin-a had their initial breakouts in the 1st or 2nd week.. since i havent gotten it yet, does it mean i wont get one? thanks
  10. ive been depending on OTC acne medications for the past 3 years (i just turned 15 yesterday ). and through the years, ive found stuff thats helped and stuff that hasnt. but overall, my acne still flares up every other week or so. so now, ive decided to take the initiative and get some rx medication that mite keep the acne away for a long period of time. i went to the derm, and she suggested and prescribed AVITA (retin a derivative) for nites and clindamax for the morning... im glad ive got
  11. heyy my new derm (she's awesome) prescribed me with avita (tretinoin . like Retin-A) and a Clindamax lotion.. im curious, has anyone ever used Avita? if so, how did it go? and was there a bad initial breakout (im kinda scared for the initial break out ) thanks in advance
  12. hey guysssssss my skin has been relatively clear for the past few weeks.. but now im breaking out on my right cheek and around the mouth. there are like 4 pimples and 3 really red spots. wat is a good topical treatment that would make them go away, or lessen in redness, soon?? thanks in advance
  13. imma teen, turning 15 soon, and i know its just hormones and stuff but this acne is such a pain in the butt. i swear, during the past month, i had maybe 1 or 2 active pimples. everything was soooo good. then one day last week i wake up to a freakin pizza face!!.. i seriously dont know what hit me. but the thing is, this acne is so destructive. its killing me inside. sometimes i just wanna DIE because of this acne. i look at my bare, ugly, red, gross face and think to myself..."why me? why
  14. ok so i used a sunblock/moisturizer the other day.. tuesday to be exact. and then yesterday (wednesday) i noticed A LOT.. i mean like 20 little bumps all along my jaw line and under my chin area.. and its freakin driving me crazyyyyyy and pissing me off... it looks like acne but it doesnt feel like it.. i usually get the puss filled whiteheads but these are just red bumps all over the place. i seriously dunno how to get rid of it.. can someone help me please? its so embarrassing to have