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  1. I'm going to purchase some Jojoba oil for my dry/oily type skin and I was wondering what is the best way to apply it. I would need to leave it on to moisturize over night. I did a search on Jojoba and there seems to be some confusion on the best way to apply it. I would probably apply it after i get out of the shower but how should I?
  2. I have extremely sensitive skin and wanted to know what would be the most gentle cleanser I could buy. I would like one that doesn't do too much drying of the skin (because i already have very dry skin), more of removing the dead skin and oil from my face. On a side note...I have this yellow crust of dead skin that appears over a period of time all over my face that i have to scrub off with a wet washcloth. I don't wash my face other than running it under hot water when i'm in the shower, is th
  3. I'm 18 and have had Acne since I was 14. It's always been moderate but very persistent. I also have very oily skin along with a yellow crust that builds up over time around and on my nose.
  4. The reason why I don't agree with the derm prescribing me topicals is because when I went to my last derm 2 years ago the topicals he gave me literally made my face peel off. I would not leave the house at all the during my sophmore summer because there were so many flakes of skin coming off my face.
  5. I went to my derm today and told him general stuff about my acne and then asked him about Accutane. He said Accutane wouldn't work on my acne because it was for severe nudular acne. I realize this is true but does that make any sense? Why would it work for extremely severe acne and not for moderate acne like mine? Anyway, he prescribed me a bunch of topicals like Duac, which I have no interest in using because I went on a course of Retn-A and benzaclin 2 years ago for 6 months and all they did
  6. For as long as I can remember, I have felt different from other people, I am always tired even though i get 9 and a half hours of sleep a night, im cold intolerant, anxious, depressed at times, weak, which are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when a person has a weak thryoid that doesn't secrete the proper amount of hormones. A way to treat this is to supplement with hormones in a pill form. If I do have hypothyroidism, then would that mean that my hormones are out of balance
  7. ABout every two weeks I go through a cycle of building up a layer white/yellow dead skin around and on my nose and then needing to wipe it off with a wash cloth. What is causing this? I have fairly oily skin and don't moisturize. My skin can also get dry at times. Could that be what's causing it? My skin getting to dry and the skin dying and sitting there?
  8. I found a cleanser that looked pretty good. It's an organic tea tree cleanser with coconut oil, and everything is natural, all organic and I think all derived from plants. Is coconut oil bad for the face though?
  9. It's not liver clense But I still believe it would show an improvement, Ill go by lovely's advice and give it a few more weeks.
  10. What is the best product to use for a exfoliating very sensitive skin? Baking soda? Also, what moisturizer is recomended for skin that gets very oily. do I even want a moisturizer?
  11. Recently I read up on some of the articles on askshelley.com about what to eat/drink to help cleanse the bowels and liver. Obviously I avoid all bad food and have been eating completely clean as far as carbs and fats go. The most indulgent thing I had all week is tri-tip. I've been eating the salad that has grated carrots, onions, and garlic, along with a lot of olive oil and lemon juice every day, sometimes twice a day. I also have doubled my water intake to about 8 or 10 glasses a day and squ
  12. I dont have any coconut oil but I do have some omega 3-6-9 capsules. If I took several of these a day would it have the same effect as taking a lot of coconut oil?
  13. Does anyone have a good homemade facial mask recipe that will be effective after a good 10 minute steam? I need something that will suck oil out but not irritate my skin too much.
  14. Would this procedure irritate some one's face who has very sensitive skin? What is it's main purpose for your face, to remove dead skin?