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  1. hello everyone im just wondering if the regimen here would help me with my cystic acne or just like a mild case ill get some pics up so you guys can see and maby help me out this stuff is driving me crazy im tired of products that dont work. And if I were to try Dans system here what would be the best products the buy on this site will just the reg 8oz bottles do the trick?
  2. Hello everyone my name is Steve and im 20 yrs old and strugling with acne worse then ever. My acne never used to be that big of a problem until about a year ago I started to ge cystic acne its so painful and unpredictable. I have been on antibotics for about 7 months now and they just recently took me off and gave me smz/tmp and this new cream called epiduo it came out this month and sad to say iv been on for over a week now and hasent done a thing for me. Until I ran across this site I was abou