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  1. well after a month of 30mg every morning i have now gone up to 60mg its going well. last wk and start of this week i was really down as i had a big breakout so was really worried about it but they are clearing up and i just have 1 big one. it wud happen that i have a big breakout b4 i had a date last wkend!!!! but luckily it went well and he wants to see me again even tho he saw me without make-up so yay!!! cant of scared him off that easily! i think me withot make-up is hideous and i ha
  2. kimmi2384

    day 19

    well i have been on 30mg for 19 days i still have one or 2 big spots!! my lips are really dry and cracking. also my scalp is so dry and itchy! i need to find a good shampoo! my spots have always been on my chin and top lip and sometimes where there are big spots it will get so itchy and feels like burning. not sure why it gets like that. so far im happy enough. i cant wait to have completely clear skin. in 2 wks time i go up to 60mg a day so im hoping then my skin will get clear! but so far
  3. well i havent been on here for like a 8 months or so! i moved to NZ and had fine skin from sep - feb. nothing that upset me too much. the tablets ran out and i stopped using differin untill i had a spot or 2 and i was doing well then come feb and WHAM i got break out after break out and they wont go im still not eating dairy, didnt start doing anything different. i was gettin so down. i work in a bar here and i was feeling really low about myself and how i looked. i felt like every time it
  4. hi well i was using finacea cream and was still getting one or two spots so i asked my derm and she gave me differin. im guessing its a lot stronger as finacea cream i got from my doctor but for the differin it had to be perscribed by the derm. the finacea cream does itch but you do get used to it!! its only last about 10 mins and then it stops. no idea why it does that! if you acne is very mild the the finacea sud work. my acne is mild but persistant. had it for 10 yrs now and things work for
  5. hi guys i have cleared up my spots by cutting out dairy and wow what a difference that made to my skin! so now i got clear skin im fed up with having lots of red scars left. they just red marks but they take ages to fade! im always having to redo my make-up and they still make me self concious of my skin! my doctor told me to use rosehip oil but im bit scared as its oil and i dont want to have break out of new spots! she said only use it if I have NO spots and i still get the odd small one or
  6. hi. well for years i have looked for teh perfect foundation and for me i have finally found it! i LOVE Bareminerals foundation. it looks so flawless and easy to apply. its a natural coverage but does cover all scars, spots. its no good if you have dry skin tho as its a powder. They sell it in most department stores and you can have a makeover done so they will find you ur perfect shade and show you how to apply it. on this site a lot of people have said it makes them break them out but i guess
  7. my mum had spots but nothing too severe. i know neither of them have food allegies. i had spots on and off since i was 14. some things cleared them up but they always came back. now im 24 i decided enough was enough as it was really effecting me. i researched how diet could help and within a week of cutting out diary my skin was clear. i still get the odd one but bothing to worry about and i got red scars but they are fading!
  8. I find Derms no help either! i went to one age 21 and she told me just to wash my face with soap and i wentto another one few months ago and was given tablets and Retin A gel! i used them and they did work a bit but then i cut out dairy and my skin got clear! i still get one or 2 small spots every now and again and a few if i eat dairy but generally im clear apart from red marks which im trying to fade. and no doctor or derm ever mentioned to me that my spots could be acused by diet! while I thi
  9. i dont know why. i thought it was a) the treatments you used in past killed off the spots and so they couldnt form again on that part of skin or b) just as you get older ur skins changes! but they are just what i thought! when i was 14 - 20 i got spots just on my forehead. i then got them on my chin and above my lip and never get them on my forehead! its is strange but i guess it is just one of lifes little unexplained things! im now clear and just battling with scars so im hoping they wont come
  10. well when i get home from work or gym i remove my makeup with a wipe. its takes off the make-up and its cooling. i wash my face with water and cleanser in the morning and again when i go to bed. i find doing this is fine and doesnt dry my skin out. just use a wipe with least amount of harsh chemicals in. i use Simple wipes and its working great!
  11. has anyone tried rosehip oil? my docotr said that its amazing at fading red marks. i was wondering if anyone had tried! at the moment i use aloe vera gel, lemon juice on face, jojoba oil and once a week retin A gel as my derm told me that it worked! i have no active spots ( till i eat dairy). but the scars are taking such a long time to fade!! i just want them gone.! im not sure to try acv or rosehip oil! any ideas?
  12. hi I just wanted to add that food allergys are common! i had mild acne but persistant for last 10 ys on and off! nothing really worked! it may of done for while but they always came back! finally couple of months ago i was told about wheat and dairy causing acne by my friend and i read heaps about it online and on here! so i decided to cut themout. first wheat for couple of wks which was hard and didnt do anything! then i cut out dairy and straight away i saw a difference! im still palying aro
  13. my doctor has told me about Rosehip oil and how good its meant to be! im still thinking about trying it! I have no active acne now just stupid red marks that annoy me! im using Retin A gel once a wk on them and aloe vera every other night and asprin mask once a wk. im just impatient and want something to work now!! but its sounds like Rosehip isnt the answer even though she told it was! i may try and see what happens!!
  14. i brough Double Wear Light as i found Double Wear was a bit too thick and cakey looking. i prefer to look more natural. it is amazing foundation! i apply it witha brush and it covers all mt red marks up and lasts all day. i dont tend to even bother with touch up's in the day! it doesnt clog your pores or anything! i think it is amazing and i will def be using it untill my red marks fade away!! def get a tester first! i got testers in diff shades and tried them all at home. get a friend to look a
  15. hi well i only found out last month that dairy was causing my spots! i only had mild acne but it was persistant and never cleared up no matter what i used or took. the next step was roaccutane which i wasnt keen on at all. i only heard about food allergys from my flatmates as one is allergic to wheat and that causes spots and the other one is allegic to wheat and dairy! it was them that gave me the idea and then i read on here about food allergys and how common they are and that the one sympto