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  1. samm:)

    Acne journey!

    My Accutane/Acne journey
  2. So this is day two of using the differin gel at night and when i woke up my wake did seem noticibly better! but this could be a fluke. I'm going to continue to be applying it every night. I've been wanting to post pictures of my acne journey but i have no idea how to .. I have some extra time so I think I'm going to now - if i figure it out, please check it out. I found a bunch of old pictures the other day of my acne and how it was slowly getting better and how HORRRIBLE it used to be. just
  3. well i'm back after a few months off accutane and so far everything has been looking pretty good. although my scars are not as gone as i'd want them to be i am currently using a differin gel and hoping that it works out well. i still cannot leave my house without makeup. i found someone else who took an accutane journey, who later also became my boyfriend! his skin looks WONDERFUL he used to have twice the acne i have and he looks BEYYOONNNG amazing. nto even any scars. unfortunatly i can not sa
  4. im not really sure its been around two-three weeks of me taking my second course of accutane and things are looking very good, my dry lips came back very badly, my nose is very dry and my eyes get bloodshot sometimes. i've noticed i'm very tired lately and havent been able to pay very good attention in school, i've also been a little bit more moodier then usual but that might just be other reasons. as far as my face goes the bumps i felt before my second course have either disappeared or gone
  5. the IB is horrible i have no idea why but when i took accutane my first time i had a horrible, horrible IB. and i have no idea why i had to take it a second time, my acne was so severe that the first time i took accutane i thought it was gone, but i was wrong it just decreased the amount, although i still had a lot of active acne so to be 100% clear i needed another round. but you shouldnt be to worried about the IB some people dont even get it, i have been taking my second round of accutane for
  6. unfortunately im back, and on my second course of accutane. i've only tooken two pills so far and havent seen a change yet but then again i didnt expect too...... my acnes not as bad as before and i easily cover it with makeup. im hoping this will be the last time i have to take accutane and im hoping it will work very well and faster then the last time. so far i have gotten no breakout and im hoping it stays that way although the doctor told me the breakout would not be as bad as before, alth
  7. its been eight months after my first cycle of accutane & im feeling great! my scars have been slowly heeling with the help of vichy's norma derm, which i would strongly suggest for people trying to get rid of there scars, because i had very bad scarring & it almost changed it 100% overnight. covering acne scars is one of the hardest things i have to do, but im just glad there is no longer active acne on my face.
  8. samm:)

    update :)

    heeey! I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog, well it's been five months since I ended my course of accutane & everything is still going pretty good. I have been under a large amount of stress in the last couple of days, whic caused my face to have a huge break-out. accutane gets rid of all of your acne, but you have to take care of yourself to make sure it dosent come back, accutane gives you a start, but to keep off the acne, just like looseing weight, you need to keep up g
  9. sooo, since so many people have problems with there acne scars, i thought most of my postings should now be more targeted towards acne-coverage. like i said in my other post, everyones skin is different, so your scars, might be better, or worse then some other peoples. they may also not be 'scars' but very annoying red marks, that wont seem to go away. most people on this site, and myself personally, have had a doctor tell them the marks would go away, for me its been nine months & th
  10. heeey! third month? congratulations! your half way there. only two-three bumps? wow thats pretty good, on my third month i had about a zillion. for me, personally, the red marks never went away, even after six months of treatment. for some people they heal faster, for some people they do not. it depends weather or not you scar easy or not, which unfortunately my skin is very prone to scars, sot hats mostly why. scars take about a month or two to heal, and about three to be gone for good because
  11. so my face is still 100% from the six months of accutane. i was looking back on some of my older blogs of when i was on accutane, & theres a lot of things i wish i could have told myself.. for one, always, always, ALWAYS wear sunscreen! even in the winter! & always, always, always, always, always has lip medication! its so important, your lips get to unbelievably chapped, you cant go a day without it & if you go into class & forget in for an hour, you'll come out looking like
  12. helloooooo! so i totally forgot about this blog, as you know, i was the one who had horrible, & i mean HORRIBLE acne all over my face, then i took 6 months of accutane & im not sure how long its been hmm .. i ended in september so its been five months & i can honestly say NONE of my acne has come back .. amazing, right? yup. accutanes a miracle drug, if i do say so myself, if you guys are trying anything else for your acne i STRONGLY suggest accutane, it changed my life 100% i went
  13. i think friends are worse, i have this one friend whos always had really good skin, but everyone likes me more so she brings up my face problems every chance she gets. & i hate it when people ussed the stressed out thing! if im stressed out its probally cause of my pimples. & bringing it uups not makeing it better