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  1. maybe youre just ugly???????? betcha didnt think about that .
  2. there are too many variables unspecified to answer this question. if a girl is super cute and she has a few redmarks, then noone is going to really notice or think much about it....but if a girl is marginally cute, then a few red marks/breakouts might become more highlighted. Also it depends on how bad their skin is. There comes a point where acne can progress far enough to wreck anyones appearance......cute or marginal ....this is when you just need to get your shit together and fix it....so
  3. it really depends on how sensitive your skin is......and how rough you are with the razor....it def stings, (i use alpha hydrox enhanced lotion) and turns red so do it at night or before you have nothing to do for the rest of the day.....dont do it before a date or something......but within 6 hours your skin looks sooooooo much better.
  4. ive done a 30% glycolic peel without peeling.....if by peeling you mean...layers of dead skin flake off. If your skin is accustomed to aha or salicylic acid, Tca would probably not make you peel....i hope you wore a sun screen on spring break....
  5. AHA is alpha hydroxy acid..........either glycolic or lactic acid products...dan sells it on his website...alpha hydrox makes a good lotion thats 10% GLYCOLIC...and neutrogena makes a good one called healthy skin face lotion....
  6. if you do i would reccomend finding a higher percentage bp---- like 5%.....panoxyl makes a good lotion...
  7. i have very sensitive skin......if my beard isnt soft as hell, its gauranteed that i will get those tiny red bumps which can even turn into pimples... IVE noticed that after shaving, if you apply AHA to the part of your face you ran over with a razor, you are like 99 percent less likely to get irritation from shaving....be prepared it may sting LIKE HELL but its totally worth preventing razor rash..and potentially more pimples..... try it.
  8. panoxyl ...once a night.....just make sure you USE MOISTURIZER and even more important....dont wash your face with anything that will dry it out. As long as you do that...youre skin wont feel the slightest bit dry or stressed.... ( i started doing this once my prescription for duac ran out....and it works great)
  9. i totally know what you are talking about.....when i first started breaking out, i always thought it would go away in a week, then a month, then i started accepting the fact that I had acne....I never actively researched or sought ways to prevent it or even find what was causing it....until hyperpigmentation gave me that feeling of permanence....your self schema really does change once youre so use to having bad skin...the slightest improvements make you feel like your fully recovered, until you
  10. i've experimented with tons of stuff to spot treat....aha works, until your skin adapts to it....ive noticed that using 5 % bp, and then follow up with 2% Salicylic acid works really well....just rub the bp in let it dry for about 4-5 min......then take the SA and just just drop it on the affected area...tap it down a few times and leave it....i use neutrogena acne stress control 3 in 1 hydrating treatment and its really good....i also heard ice works...havent tried it though...
  11. do you think it was because it didn't leave the skin on your back dry, like most soaps do, after you shower? I started using one of those "moisturizing" body washes and it cleared me up pretty well, about 80%. Did you just use regular Head and shoulders?? i know they have like different variations of their product...
  12. i have very dry skin too....try something with dimethicone in it....."cetaphil moisturizing lotion" is good and "aveeno daily moisturizer" is good too. These are the only two moisturizers i can use....
  13. i only read the original post on this thread and i must say i agree......i use5 % bp once a night and its been way more effective than 2.5%......dan has scared everyone into thinking anything over 2.5 % is pointless and dangerous....it actually works better and is way more cost, time, and healing effective. try it if 2.5% just aint cuttin it....
  14. yeah i really dont know what you're story is with acne or lacketherof, but, you might benefit from dans regimine while using AHA as a nightly moisturizer......sounds like it might be worth a try.