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  1. deffinetly try the pillow case and not putting the phone up to your face strategy! hopefully theres a connection. the worst is when you get excited about a aprt of your face getting better and then it just goes down hill again. do you ever find that? that one day your exctied that it seems like things are getting better ...and the next day its back to square one? i dont know if this is just a mind thing though ..haha
  2. and this may sound stupid but the facial feature i mostly am complemented on is my lips. but most of my breakouts occur around the chin/ lip area so now i feel i cant even appreciate those types of complements because of all the nast acne action going on haha
  3. also not meaning to sound conceited but i consider my self attractive, and am very confident in my appearence..when my skin is clear. in highschool i experienced times where i had not the greatest skin but it eventually went away ...my skin was almost perfect and i was sooo relieved, and thought i wouldnt have skin problems again. During that time i had a great amount of self esteem, but when i started getting some breakouts again that slef esteem just dropped. and i think if you experience the
  4. i can deffinetly relate ! my acne isnt severe( but we are our own worst critics) and quite honestly when it got to it's worst state i no longer felt there was a purpose into trying to look good. my mom would tell me to just cover it up a bit and put some makeup on to make myself feel better, but i refused because I knew what i was hiding. and i would bounce from mirror to mirror inspecting my skin, and it would only make me feel worse about it ! it totally sucks but it goes away in time
  5. i switched to soy milk from normal milk over a year ago and i dont think it made a huge difference in my skin. but now im use to soy and cant go back to drinking normal milk. soy milk is really healthy for you , its got a ton of essential vitamins + minerals so it deffinetly wont do you any harm ! i recommend silk
  6. So ive been on diane 35 for 3 months now, and ive seen some improvment in my skin but its improving kind of slowly...recently (about 5 days ago) i started taking zinc pills (50mg /day) and its been 3 days since nothing new has come up on my face. i dont have severe acne, but usually i have 1 or 2 new zits ..every day or 2 . could this be the zinc ? or just coincidence
  7. ya agreed, people like to dig up other peoples imperfections..im sure they have plenty of things about themselves they are self concious about and would be too pleased with an honesty box msg liek that. dont worry your skin will get better as time goes by , and your very pretty so dont even worry about stupid comments like that
  8. honestly I would recommend toughing it out and maybe not putting makeup on it. Do you have bangs, maybe temporarly cover it with your hair. sometimes if i need to cover something up i use my hair to hide it and underneath i apply something that will help heal it . like shea butter in my opinion works well . dont worry itll gradually get better, and chances are itll seem like its never going to go away but before you know it itll be gone ! good luck .
  9. im pretty sure its safe to say that acne has that kind of effect on everyone. some more then others, but im sure noone is excited or happy when they breakout. but think about the fact that acne is only temporary...even though it feels like its draging on and on and on, it will eventually go away. Even if it leave marks they will most likley fade in time. The way you approach the situation i think affects how your body heals it self, so try to stay positive ! its hard, trust me im sure everyone w
  10. it looks like your marks have improved a lot I can also recommed she butter, its natural, packed with vitamins, and moisturizes really well. it works for eczema, strech marks,scars, acne...etc. goodluck
  11. this is kind of off topic and wont be useful to you, but im wondering how loing it took for diane to clear your skin? i dont have severe acne but im taking it to clear me up. and good luck with everything !
  12. Im nearing 3 months of being on Diane and my skin still isnt completley clear. im jsut wondering if you have seen im provments after using the pill for more then 3 months