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  1. Aww thanks man, you really summed up what I meant right there. Thanks. Oh, and sorry Elsa, no hard feelings?
  2. sorry elsa, but this is actually a serious issue, i know your mad at me but do you really have to prove it here? beauty points : -2
  3. So within , I'd say the last 4 weeks or so, Ive had this weird feeling everday, its really hard to explain, but basically to sum it up, its almost like theres a bunch of weight on my shoulders and I just need to let it go. My girl broke up with me, and lots of other dispapointing things has happened to me in between those times and I just have been feelin so sad, almost like I just want to break down and cry, but everytime I try to cry, I can't, and I know once i do cry, this weird feeling wil
  4. um elsa, kinda off topic but you have a new picture like everyday. Instead of making goofy little faces, can you actually do a real faceshot cuz you seem like a pretty girl, you just make yourself look ugly all the time. Real talk.
  5. although i havent been fully clear for about 2 years now, the accutane i was on (which i got off over the summer) really helped my face. I got alot of red marks but im still pretty happy and act normal around others. Although the Accutane did clear my back 100% and I have seen a pimple on there for about 4 months now
  6. Being clear was cool for me, but it wasnt like a COMPLETE life change for me. Sure I had more confidence, gained more friends, but other than that, I still did the same things.
  7. i put it on the areas needed and the next morning im 100% clear like WHOA!
  8. Hey, I started putting toothpaste on my face 2 days ago and let me tell you, the results have been great! All I do is before I go to sleep, I put on my face cream that I got from the derm (dunno the name) then I wait about 5 mins and put a big glop of toothpaste all over my face, and the next morning I wake up, all my bumps are gone!! They just die away! It's great. The only problem I have with this method is my face is really red and hard to take off in the morning cuz your face will be dry a
  9. If you had no acne, do you think you would consider yourself handsome or ugly? I dunno, im just curious, but I think alright nonetheless. Not ugly, not a fabio either.
  10. Although im not black , I definately can see where your coming from cuz the society we live in teaches us that light is prettier, sexier, and all around better. But you got to understand that your going to be in that body for the rest of your life. Although you may not like some things about it, you must dig deep inside and find yourself, because naturally, everybody got somethin wrong with them, for me, its my skin complexion, cheek structure, and my obsessiveness with my weight. Although I may
  11. Damn, me and my girl broke up. And while I really did love her with all my heart, she dumped for reasons I dont even know of. I kinda saw it coming about a week ago, but damn, im so depressed right now, almost like I just want to break down and cry, althought I wont, I really do feel like right about now. And while I tried to brush if off by going out with some friends, it didn't really help much, instead it made me miss her even more. I know this may not have anything to do with acne, but dam
  12. damn, yall some crazy whiteys. i never harmed myself over some acne, what the hell will cutting myself do?
  13. For some reason, your little rant about yourself was very suspicious. Most people who are proud of themselves dont rant about it on an internet message board. Unless you have a picture of your improvement, then I highly disbelieve you. I, howevever, have pictures of myself and can honestly say that im sexy