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-nothing -expensive for a drugstore brand -crappy packaging -I got an allergic reaction Although not everyone is going to have this side effect, this powder made my whole face red and itchy after one use. I through it out right away.

By tv_viewer,

-nice packaging, that's it -broke me out in small pimples! -all of the shades I've tried look horrible on me -expensive Nars isn't for me I guess. I hear people rave about their blushes. I've tried 4 shades and all of them looked horrible on me (pale skin with pink undertones). I broke out in small pimples from using the Angelika shade regularly.

By tv_viewer,

-looks amazing on -long lasting -feels nice on my skin -broke me out! I loved this for about a week when I started to notice I was getting small pimples all over my face (I rarely get small ones). Once I discontinued using it they went away.

By tv_viewer,

-long lasting -doesn't care breakouts -pretty shades -a bit messy to use I love these blushes. I like the peach one best. It's very bright and long lasting. I noticed I was breaking out on my cheeks from using Lorac blush but once I switched to these Maybelline blushes the breakouts cleared up.

By tv_viewer,

-doesn't break me out -feels nice and soothing when on -weird shades -dries oddly Although this foundation is really easy to apply I found it dried very weirdly into a powder. I have dry skin so it wasn't an attractive look. It may work well for someone with oily skin though.

By tv_viewer,

-nice finish -long lasting -doesn't break me out -weird shades -not a lot of powder in the package so it runs out quickly This is the best powder I've ever tried. I use it either over foundation or on it's own when my skin is clear.

By tv_viewer,

-looks great when first applied -broke me out -VERY hard to remove -not long lasting and wears off weirdly -doesn't cover well enough I don't understand which this is such a highly rated foundation. It wore off really quickly and looked splotchy by the end of the day, yet it was very difficult to remove. It also broke me out pretty badly.

By tv_viewer,

-long lasting -easy to apply -comes in a huge variety of shades -cheap -can feel a bit thick sometimes This is one of the best foundation's I've tried. It covers red marks and acne and it's never broken me out.

By tv_viewer,