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  1. I just wanted to say you are beautiful

  2. 8 Months Later: I'm breaking out on my chin and a couple on my left cheek (my bad area before Accutane). So far they're not cystic but they hurt. I hope it's just cosmetic acne since I recently tried a new foundation. If it comes back full force I really don't know what I'll do.
  3. It's just my face. It's definately not eczema because my skin isn't red or flakey, it just looks dull (and old, I'm 24!) and feels tight. I don't even need lotion on my body. I've been using a Canadian brand moisturiser (Marcelle) that's meant for really dry skin.
  4. I finished my second course of Accutane in May. Ever since my skin has been so dry and I've yet to be able to combat it. My skin was never like this after my first course. Could anyone please recommend any skin care or makeup I can use? I'm moisturising like crazy and am washing my face with a soap free cleanser.
  5. Almost 6 months post-Accutane I can count the amount of pimples I've had since stopping Accutane in May on one hand. I've only had very very small minor pimples that have gone away in a few days. Nothing to cry over or to even bother trying to cover up. I still have some faint scaring and therefore still need a tad bit of makeup. My skin is still very dry, managable but dry. My skin has a little more redness than before too. I do not regret taking Accutane for a second time one bit. It was
  6. I broke out until a week after I stopped. I never thought it would work, but it did!
  7. My derm said I would only need 4 months too and I was so afraid that it wouldn't be enough. In the end my skin didn't get better by month 4 so I ended up on 6 months. I'm sure by that point your derm will see that 4 months isn't enough. If he doesn't listen then you need to change derms as annoying as it is.
  8. Thanks 4 Weeks Post Accutane Ok, my skin is AMAZING! I am beyond thrilled. I had a couple baby pimples but they went away after one day on their own. My red marks have gone down a lot but as you can see I still have some redness on my cheeks and nose. Excuse the eyebrows, I haven't had them done in 7 months now. 4 Weeks Post Accutane
  9. I first took Accutane in 2005 and had very oily skin beforehand. I have had dry/combo skin since. I'm not sure if it's due to Accutane or horomones/aging though.
  10. thanks.. do the side affects leave straight away when your done? how long have u waited to drink alcohol? The side effects have been going away. They`re not completely gone but I feel a lot better. My skin is somewhat dry but not unbarable and the redness went completely by week 3. I had 3 drinks a week after Accutane and got pretty drunk the week after and I was fine.
  11. My skin would look like that until I put moisturiser on.
  12. I finished 4 weeks ago and have been using Spectro Jel for dry skin and jojoba oil to remove makeup at night.
  13. There's nothing you can do. It will go away once you stop Accutane. Your only option is to wear foundation.
  14. I broke out pretty badly one month in, but honestly it was all worth it. My acne was bad enough to begin with so a bit of a breakout wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me. Good luck, you have nothing to be scared of