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  1. My face is CLEAR! Still following the healthy diet and still getting the odd pre-menstrual out-break but holy crap! I no longer feel the need to trough on the make-up and in general I feel alot better about myself. ALSO quit smoking which I believe has been a MAJOR factor in my skin clearing. The topical Ibu-gel is great for actives, the olive oil is great for scarring but on the whole you need to STOP it from happening in the first place. My skin is bright, dark circles round my eyes are fadin
  2. Well... its been one hell of a long time since I last updated but I have some news for you. I have been following a reasonably healthy diet since Ive been away and I am almost clear, by almost I mean I have ONE sore lump on my entire face!!!!!! I have more or less decided that a healthy diet is key to beating this condition. All the topicals in the world wont help unless you are willing to heal from the inside out. I do, however SWEAR by the ibuprofen gel for potential outbreaks, and olive oil
  3. Once in the evening (about 7pm) In the mornings I wipe over with a gentle toner on cotton wool pads, if I cleanse twice a day I get really dry skin.
  4. I use a REALLLLYYYY cheap one from Wilkinsons, it costs £1.00 it works REALLY well, mega long thick lashes, hypo-allergenic and doesnt smudge or flake off into my eyes, smells pretty grodey but once its dry its all good.
  5. Day 23 GAH! Usual pre-menstrual outbreak, quite nasty this time, probably because Ive still not had time to eat well I have two cysts still on my jawline and one popped up on my left cheek, level with the middle of my nose. IT HURTS DAMMIT! Olive oil... absolute miracle IMO. My red marks have never looked so good, maybe this is why the three cysts are so noticeable.... three new Amigos to deal with The Nouveau Three Amigos are getting a 4 x daily dose of ibu-gel which is really helping with t
  6. Hey Kimmy My red marks were exactly the same as yours, my scarring is pretty shallow but noticeable. Ive been using tiny amounts of olive oil on the red marks and its working really well (its also a ton cheaper than bio-oil). Im not sure how it works, maybe the vit E? Its really helping though, I only use TINY dabs on the red marks and then massage it in so its not greasy, twice a day after cleansing but before moisturising. You should try it
  7. Day 18 THE HOBBIT IS BACK! OMG Ive been up to my neck in it this week... to cut a long ass story short, myself and a client discovered that a previous member of his staff has opened an almost identical e-shop in direct competition with the one I constructed for him..... We were NOT happy. So I have spent the past 6 days working my ass off trying to 'out do' the other website. In a way, we are undercutting her price wise and hoping to get back the client base she stole when she was fired from th
  8. Day 12 Yesterdays food. Breakfast: HUUUGE banana, coffee, vit c fizzy drinky thingum. Lunch: Dark rye crispbreads with black pepper houmous. Coffee, water Dinner: salad whole wheat pitta bread. Still no sign of any impending doom. Face feels and looks pretty clear aside from the usual scarring, no new actives, just a couple of whiteheads which I definately made worse by squeezing. Its strange, the red marks go through phases of looking barely there to looking 'in ya face'. I dont really get
  9. Im using Tesco's ibu-gel, have done for the past two weeks (ish) I found I was putting waaaaaay too much on at first and it would start to peel off when it dried, now I just use a teeny bit on the actives and it kills them dead within a day or two
  10. Ive been taking Evening Primrose oil, B-Complex and zinc (not a mega dose, just 15mg daily) I find that the supplements along with a careful diet have really helped me to clear my skin. Ive just gone for the cheapest of the cheap own brand names, I dont believe in paying through the nose for supplements (and Im a cheapskate ) I also use topical ibuprofen on actives and olive oil on red marks. Best thing I ever did was find this forum
  11. Day 11 Yesterdays food: Breakfast: Coffee and painkillers for hangover Lunch: Roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings followed by cake (it was mothers day!) Dinner: Egg sandwich, plain crisps. So... after going away for the weekend and stuffing my face full of absolute crap, I was expecting to be outbreak central. In all honesty? My face is the clearest it has been in a long ass time. My only actives are the remaining Amigos, red lumps, nothing too nasty. The red marks have faded pretty we
  12. hehe went away for the weekend, stuffed my face silly and drank enough to sink a battleship.... will resume diet and posting tomo Im so gonna suffer for this I know it >.< Over the weekend Ive been out in the sunshine = good... drinking baileys mixed with jack daniels (Jackovs) = NOT GOOD ARGH HEADACHE! and ate 2 whole roast dinners including the stuffing and roast spuds.... oooops FOLLOWED BY DESSERTS! Oh add to that the chocolate eggs, crisps and service station sandwiches and Ive proba
  13. Day 8 results Well... thanks to being stuck indoors all day yesterday (OR maybe it was my exfoliant?? Ill double check the ingredients) I have a total of 8.... 8!!! small actives on my right cheek. One side is always worse than the other for me... I really do have a 'good side' lol. To be fair, they are all pretty small but clumped together and looking more like some crazy rash, I have 4 in a perfect square, 3 on my jawline and 1 slap bang in the middle of my cheek. One of the two remaining Amig
  14. Ive been walking with my head down for so long I might need to see a chiropractor to get my neck straight. I really can relate to how tired you feel of everything, it will get better though hun x x
  15. Captains Log... Stardate March 18th Breakfast: HAHAHAHA! Over slept! Working to a deadline today, no time >.< 1 x leaded coffee Lunch: Worked through, grabbed an apple and an un-leaded coffee. Dinner: I REDEEM MYSELF HERE! Pork loin steak, oven baked carrots, parsnips, new potatos, green beans 2x bacardi white rum with pomegranate juice (I think I deserve them hehe)