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  1. Yeah I stumbled across fran's blog as well and might give this product a go. Let me know what you thought of the product. LOVED it! It really helped get rid of any cystic acne I had. Just ordered some more since it's been since summer when I ran out, and my acne is starting to come back :/
  2. awesome. thanks for the replies guys!
  3. i ordered this about a week ago from highonhealth (a GREAT site by the way) and i was wondering if anyone has used this moisturizer yet? i heard really good reviews about it. if not, has anyone tired ANY hemp hemp hooray product (face wash, etc)? i'd really like to know if there's a good chance of me getting my money's worth
  4. yeah, i know about it wearing down your enamel but i plan on drinking it through a straw, i'll be careful. i know that it is good for you overall but i just want to see if anyone's really seen an improvement in their skin while doing this. thanks for the info though! again, anyone who's tried it topically too?
  5. first of all, i haven't logged on here in FOREVER, so hello again everyone i just wanted to know if anyone has had positive results from drinking lemon water and/or applying it topically to your face? i've read the reviews on this site and they seem pretty promising, i just would like to hear some personal stories. also, for applying it topically, i'd like to know the best way to do that. should i combine it with anything? anyone willing to answer some continuous questions till i find a secure
  6. I think you are a cutie :)

  7. I just realized that a few months back, before I started accutane I was prescribed Tretinoin for my acne and I stopped using it and have some left over. But isn't that a retin-a? Something I can use for red marks? I really need to know if it would be safe to use that while I'm on accutane or not! And would it help with all my nasty red marks??? THANK YOU!
  8. Aha that's cool! I haven't been updating at all lately though... I'm too lazy and busy with other things! Haha. Yeah that's exciting about your bday and gaduation! My last day of school is June 3rd and the graduation ceremony is on the 7th, so hopefully I'm in a good spot with my skin by then! I'd really be bummed if I wasn't, and I can imagine you'd be too! :/ And yeah, that's my picture but I'm wearing makeup and you can't see anything from that photo! Trust me, it's a lot worse. Mostly just
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions for the BEST cleanser to use while on Accutane to better prevent and clear up breakouts? (Hopefully there is such a thing... I never have much luck) I'm about a month into my course and I break out a bit about every other week I wanna say? This one right now could be due to my period though... ugh. But yeah! If there's a good cleanser that I should use that keeps things looking their best then it'd be greatly appreciated! I don't really have just ONE actual good
  10. Ahh, cool! I'm on 60mg a day and at first I was a little paranoid about the side effects but as of now, I'm only getting the dry lips of course, my skin isn't PEELING dry but I moisturize daily. I used to have really oily skin and now that's all gone, so thats good! Same thing with my hair. I am also getting some back pain that lots of people mention on these boards, umm and I know this is kinda gross but in the beginning I had nothing but like bloody snot in my nose haha and it was kinda dry s
  11. I'm getting the SAME exact thing! I've heard it happens to a lot of people though, so I don't really think it's much to worry about unless your pee is brown or something... then I suppose it could have something to do with your kidneys. But yeah just let your derm know about it and keep an eye on everything! I think you'll be fine
  12. Thank you for posting this! It really gives me something to look forward to
  13. I've done it before for about a week, but I didn't usually use morning urine, which is probably why I didn't really see much of a difference. But I'm willing to try it again! Does anyone know if it's good to do UT while on Accutane???? I don't imagine it would hurt anything...