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  1. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about green tea too. I drink it fairly often, and it hasn't made my skin worse... In fact, it gives my skin a glow.
  2. overactive sweat glands? Sometimes I sweat a lot, but its usually when I'm in stressful situations.. but I also live in a very hot, humid climate so that probably contributes to it. My friend's sister got surgery to fix her overactive sweat glands. If you feel that it is a significant problem, you should consult a doctor
  3. I think any medicene will lose some of its effectiveness over time. The acne will become sort of immune to it.
  4. cetaphil.. they have this cream that comes in a jar.
  5. I tried duac.. it really didn't do anything for my mild acne. I switched to benzaclin, and it worked like a dream, weird considering they're almost the exact formula.
  6. I've heard that vitamin e is good for healing. make sure you're not picking the acne or using an exfollient or cleanser that may aggravate it. I have problems with hyperpigmentation, I don't have any scars.. but I think they're kind of related. I use hydroquinone or Alpha hydroxy acid.
  7. Beef I went through a short phase where I was eating steak almost everyday for about two weeks. After a few days I started to break out with this small bumps around my nose. My skin was also oiler overall. This is not the first time I had this kind of reaction to beef
  8. i guess that theory could be legit.. but I have seen people of all shapes and sizes with acne;In my area I actually think obese people have a higher rate of acne than under weight people
  9. I haven't heard of that.. I have heard of fried plantains, they are very tasty. lol
  10. I think you were dehydrated.. dehydration can do some serious damage. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and eat lots of fruits and veggies for extra water
  11. make sure you shower or at least rinse your face off soon after you exercise... sweat can sometimes cause acne if not washed off. I think exercise has helped to make my skin clear and it gives it a nice glow
  12. My acne isn't really affected by diet either.... I eat natural unprocessed foods to be healthier overall
  13. My skin does well with exercise.. Make sure you shower, or at least rinse your face afterwards, because sweat can clog the pores and cause acne
  14. a lot of asian americans probably eat foods that are refined and unnatural.. in asia most of the cosmetics and foods that are eaten are natural, so they maybe better for the skin
  15. 1) is the acne you develop from eating foods you are allergic / intolerant to : a) severe b) moderate c) mild (describe) I haven't found specific foods that break me out, but I 've noticed that when I have a lot of fats in my diet I break out 2) is the acne concentrated in certain areas of the face or all over. if so, which areas? Yes. The acne is above my lip and on the bottom of my chin. They look like whiteheads and are very painful 3) does the acne respond to topical treatments in any