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  1. go to a dermatologist and get accutane because even if you use a the regimen on here it will be really hard to get all the areas which you mentioned. Dont worry about the side effects with accutane there overblown I took accutane for 4 months and my face cleared up and my body acne cleared up by about 50% and it wouldve been a 100% but I decided to stop taking it because of the sensitivity to the sun that comes with taking accutane and it takes 6 months for it to become completely unsensitive.
  2. Accutane, I know from experience that the only way to deal with excessive oilly type acne would be going on accutane because it stops the oil in its tracks and once your done the treatment you wont have nearly as much oil being produced so please dont waste anymore time on antibiotics or antibiotic creams because you become resisant to them after a short time and then your acne goes back to normal.
  3. I started using the benzoyl peroxide from this site every morning and night in the last 3 weeks and I havent gotten any new zits but my marks/scars havent faded much so I was wondering if it would be good to apply the bp and let it dry and then apply the aloe vera gel. Ive also expeirenced slight scaling close to my neck region so Im guessing it might help with that.
  4. I would try getting the bp gel that is supplied on here and buy the big one thats what I have and then after you apply it in the morning and night apply a aloe vera gel Ive just started try that because Im not getting anymore acne Im just left with marks. The bp gel I started a few weeks ago and where Ive applied it I havent got one zit.
  5. Ive had a few pimples on my penis to im sure its nothing
  6. try this it has helped peoples acne and red marks on there back in as little as a week. put vinager on your back acne before going to bed and wash it off in the morning try and find cotton pads for applying it.
  7. Im your age and I developed back acne right at the same time as you, and Ive tried almost everything including accutane which I just finished a month ago and it hasent helped my back acne but it got rid of my facial acne and I was only on it for 4 months because I didnt want to be sensitive to the sun in the summer. Well I saw this thread and the person said that he found a way to clear all scar and marks away from his back in a week by putting on a bp 10 wash after showering and drying off. He
  8. I dont think thats bad at all, if my back looked like that I wouldnt have a worry in the world.
  9. I have always wondered if you had all of your hair permanently removed lets say excluding your head would this stop acne. Since the hair that you have all over your body and face needs to be moisturized by oils inside you what would happen if there was no hair would the oil suddenly stop going into your pores since there would be nothing to moisturize. any thoughts, I cant find anywhere where this has been tested and Im really not surprised.
  10. it doesnt stunt your growth and I think its ok starting it early because its better than what I did try a bunch of prescribed antibiotics creams gels and otc products for a few years and have nothing happen for your acne. I just finished accutane and I have no more facial acne I still have some back acne but its milder and my side effects were dry lip dry eyes dry skin dry hair and back pain. I would have hated to start accutane right before the summer though because of the sensitivity to the su
  11. Im just wondering because my class is going swimming for a few days next week in sped.
  12. hey I just finished accutane and the only side effects I had were dry skin and lips and im totally acne free now so I guess i was just one of the lucky ones. and accutane is probably a lot cheaper than this light therapy treatment.
  13. this is a tough spot for your daughter I would not like to be just starting accutane in the spring, so I would recommend maybe trying the regimen on here and maybe that can help Im sure it wont be able to do what accutane can but it wont stop her from having a summer thats not spent indoors for a lot of it. So she could do this and then go on accutane when it starts getting cool outside. Im just finishing accutane and it can take up to 6 months after finishing, to lose the sensitivity to the su
  14. ya Im pretty sure thats why Im getting these wrinkles, I was also wondering how long after im done accutane will i be able to tan. ive heard that it could take up to 6 months until your not sensitive to the sun completely but Im guessing that after a month or so your skin should be a lot less sensitive then right after finishing.